"No pain,no gain!" (top 10 moves)

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is the best player ever since Tekken 3 (my first Tekken videogame). Here are some powerful moves of him: (1) (qcf+2), (2) (qcf+1,f+1, qcf+2), (3) (qcb neutral+3,2,1), (4) (1,2,3,during hit 3:1, during hit 1:2),(5) (opponent being hit by qcf+2: approach rolling enemy (to stomp), now reverse to do it again(you are facing to the left side)(repeatly until you get hit), (6) (low attack: (d+4,2)), (7) (D(1 sec.) U+3+4)(this will get you a small amount of damage),(8) (Reversal during a character's tackle from enemy and attempted attacks(hit/grabbages) once you try to get hit by an enemy press 1+2), (9) (during a enemy flat on the ground:d+2), (10) (d+4, during hit d+4:2, during hit 2:1+2).Well that's all folks. I been amazed by his qcf+2 during tekken 3.http://images.wikia.com/tekken/en/images/1/1a/Tekken_tag_tournament_2_paul_phoenix.png
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