Feng's Top 10 moves

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's fighting style is chinese kenpo, here are the top 10 moves I know about him: (1) (low attack d/b+2,2,2)(llh), (2) (f,F+3,4),(3) (d/f+2,2),(4)(u/f+3+4,3),(5)(f+1+2 (back is towards the enemy) then http://oi47.tinypic.com/vys1v5.jpg back smash(1+2_low sweep d+3),(6)(f+3,4), (7) (f+4,3), (8) (b+2,3,4,2), (9) (WS,1,2,1), (10) (f+2,1,2).
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we already got a thread on this topic. so please dont make a new ones.
however i suggest that dont ever limit your self to only these top 10 moves.
learn, study, practice, explore each and every moves.
every moves has their own perks. trust me
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