pls help any combo for ganryu?
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can anyone try to breakdown this pls?

any good ganryu player on this?

i really need a combo for ganryu T_T
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I don't really get what you're asking. Do you want to know the notations for the juggles in that vid?
If so, the juggles in that vid aren't his best ones. Check the Ganryu compilation thread for his best juggles. If you don't know what all the notations mean, go to the legend in the upper right, menu item number 7.

Btw: welcome to zaibatsu. There's a Q&A thread right here in the Ganny forums. Please don't make new threads for questions. I'm closing this one. If your question still hasn't been answered after you've read the compilation thread, please ask in the Q&A thread.
Always check existing threads first to see if you can post there. There usually is one for what you need.
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