Raven TTT2 Combos & Juggles

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Drag / Raven

Really cool Drag / Raven combo. Admittedly it's more Drag than Raven but hey, whatever.

qcf+2~5, qcf+3~5, b+2, 1, f+1, f+3~d/f~u, f+1, ff+2 TA! b+1+2, 3, ff+3 100 (73 red)
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What about raven/alisa? Any combos for this team?
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Some pretty cool combos with SDW b2,3 as the tag assault filler.

cd3 UF4 f4 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Baek) bb3+4 109dmg
df2 iws2,1 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Baek) bb3+4 87dmg
d,db4 UF4 b4_1+2 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Lee) dash d3+4 108dmg
fff3,4 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Lee) d3+4 91dmg
df2 fff3,4 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Lee) d3+4 92dmg
cd2 ff3 ff2 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Bob) bb3+4 114dmg
ch df2 b4,1 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Bob) bb3+4 93dmg
CH EWHF df4 TA! (Raven) SDW b2>3 (Jin) ub1+2 102dmg

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So I replayed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 again and checked out Raven after seeing Master Raven's T7 combos. While Master Raven's is flashier, her apprentice's does more damage due to the scaling.


Drag: qcf+2~5, Rav: d/f+2,3, ff+3, f+1, ff+3, 4,1 (W!), BT f+2,3 (B!), b+2,2,3 = 115 damage

Done against Lars.
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