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There was no top10 thread so i decided to make one!

I havent played Roger or Alex that much in ttt2 but here is my list of top 10 moves in no order:

- 1+2. Plus on block .
- df+1 annoying string with good damage.
- w+3. Catches backrollers into combo. Good damage.
- ff+2. Really good and hard to punish.
- d+2. Annoying low with good frames and high crush.
- ss+4. The risk is big but the reward is also huge.
- ROC (b1+2) 3. Safe low with exellent frames. -6 on block, +5 on hit? YES please!
- 4. Fast ch tool. Better on Alex.
- db+3. The sweep into combo. Bad range but mix with ur throws and great mids. Go for it!
- d+3+4. Awesome range but minus even on hit. Learn the range cuz hard to punish on max range.

There are so many great moves that cant fit into top10 but those are my favorites. Tell urs!

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