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Also, been away for a week. What's MS/MSc? Not familiar with them, probably just haven't come across them playing Chreddy.

Wasn't really sure how to do the other column, actually thought about CH/other as one column, given how rarely CH is different to hit anyway.
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MS/MSc = Ass stuns, they're probably called something else in Japanese, but MS/MSc is the TZ notation, i.e. Dragunov CH (d+3),4, Bryan CH f+4, Raven CH SDW f+3. I can't think of non-CH off the top of my head, but I know Steve has one for instance. I'm not sure if the frame data on MS/MSc is universal (including if the tech -/+ frames are the same), probably something you'd know, so that's why I brought it up.
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