Good partners for Kuma/Panda (not the other bear)

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Originally posted by PandaXiaoyu
I guess I'll chip in my two cents. The best way to make a team is to know individual strengths and weaknesses. Pandas strengths are their power(IMO they're not damaging enough/I mean cmon they're BEARS) they have good ground game even when laying on the ground. They're punishment is pretty good such as f 1+2 and then tag for a combo. Bears obviously have weaknesses with their figure/size. Such as small range, their ss is terrible and they're launchers aren't worth wild not to mention the timing for bound moves. The speed is not in their favor either.

However, xiaoyu actually excels in the bears weaknesses. Such as her speed, evasion, kinda range, and mind games. Panda covers her weakness of xiaoyu terrible punishment and terrible lows. Although both are not that powerful and lack range in combo fillers or Enders. But they balance each other extremely well.

Zafina is also good, but is on the slow side as well.

Do you have any combos off off of panda's d/f+2,1 and d/b+3 that tag into ling some how?
With a bound possibly involved.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
Umm I know a few but d/f+2,1 is very limited with options

d/f+2,1(5), 1,d+2 2,2+5 d/f+2,1 (run) F+1+2. (74dmg)

d/f+2,1(5) U/f3+4(5) d/f+2,1 F,f,4. (68dmg)

d/f+2,1(5) 1 F,f1+2 d/f+2,1 (4,1) (75dmg but you have to have precise timing for the f,f,1+2 to bound.

I don't know any d/b 4 combos yet but your best bet is f,f,2 or u/f+3.

If I find any I'll post and sorry for the late reply.
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
my first post for TTT2 goes to ...bears lol

Im using jaycee/Panda so far.
Here are some juggles for them; sorry for the notation, its cheap lol.

PANDA: ff+2, tag, JAYCEE UF n 4 ddf1-41. ddf4 1+2 B! PANDa uf 4 3, JAYCEE fff 2+4 ; 106 damage
PANDA f+1+2 tag, JAYCEE df3, ff+1 ff+1, ddf4 1+2 B! PANDa uf 4 3, JAYCEE fff 2+4 ; 95 damage
PANDA df 2,1 tag JAYCEE b+1, 1+2 B! PANDa uf 4,3 JAYCEE fff +1 , 82 damage (throw doesnt connect because opponent is back stance)

PANDA df 2,1 tag JAYCEE ddf 1-4 1, f+2,2,2 B! JAYCEE fff +1, 92 damage, BUT this juggle is not consistent, some times Panda´s uf4 3 whiffs (the 3), and I dont know the reason. so Ill use the other juggle, but -10 damage.

IF I do a juggle with jaycee Ill tag only after bound, because bears juggles are shit itselves before bound, I guess you now.
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
Kuma/Panda and True Ogre works well.

True Ogre can do a combo off from a BTP.
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I don't know about you guys, but my Kuma-Jin staple BTP juggle looks like:

Kuma BTP~5, Jin 1,2,3 TA!, Kuma u/f+4,3, Jin 1,2,4

Retardedly easy 92 damage. It's consistent once you get the hang of it.

My Kuma-Alisa staple BTP juggle looks like this:

Kuma BTP~5, Alisa u/f+4,4 TA!, Kuma u/f+4,3, Alisa f,f+3,4,4

That one's a 90 damage juggle.

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Originally posted by Ben111
the main reason old tekkens sucked was that you had to practice to be good at them
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Unknown with Panda is a pretty sick team I've been using. Great wall carry and insane damage
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
Panda and Xiaoyou = synergy (+1 each); panda's RrR~5 or xiaoyou's f+2+3~5
not to mention panda gets a new move db+1+4 (xiaoyou's db+1) added to her movelist

Kuma and Heihachi = synergy (+1 each); kuma's RrR~5 or heihachi's qcf+1+3~5
not to mention kuma gets a new move b+2+3 (heihachi's b+2, but KND) added to his movelist

i dont play xiaoyou... so dunno how good combos are with them
kuma heihachi isnt bad, especially at the wall with kuma's f+3+4,1+2 and hei's f+1,b+2,4
kuma Btp~5; hei f+1;df+1,2~5 B! kuma uf+4,3; hei uf+3,4 does 90 damage iirc
bf+2,2 can work instead of df+1,2 but timing is harder for that and the uf+3+4
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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
A few combos...

Kuma lead

BTP, f+1, d/b+1,2~5 TA! JIN 1,2,4 KUM d/f+1+2_dash BTP - 84 & 82dmg respectively

u/f+3, d/f+3,2~5 TA! JIN ZEN1+2, KUM u/f+1+2, f+2,1_BTP - 73 & 71dmg

ff+2, u/u+1+2, d/f+3,2~5 TA! JIN b+3, ZEN1+2, KUM d/f+1+2 - 95dmg
(You can also have Jin do CDS 1+2, to Kuma dash u/f+1+2, 1+2 that spikes into roll mixups, or d+1+2 for 98dmg)

BTP~5, JIN 1,2,3 B! b/f+2,1,2 - 74dmg

BTP~5, JIN 1,2,3 TA! KUM u/f+4,3 JIN 1,2,4 - 92dmg

W! d/b+1,2~5 TA! JIN f+4~f, 1,2 KUM u/f+3,4,1+2

W! d/b+1,2~5 TA! JIN ZEN4, KUM f+2,1 Any wall combo (except 2,1,2) (Jin's ZEN4 should go underneath the opp, allowing for a resplat)

W! d/b+1,2~5 TA! JIN d/b+2,2,3 KUM u/f+3,4,1+2

Jin lead

WS2, b/f+2,1, 1,3~3~5 TA! KUM u/f+4,3 JIN b+3~f, 4 - 76dmg

WS2, 1,2,3~5 TA! KUM HBS b+1+2,1+2 JIN 1,2,4 - 77dmg

WS2, EWHF, 1,2,3 B! WS2~5 KUM 1+2~f into roll mixups - 57 dmg initally before mixup

(All WS2 combos naturally also work using ECD1)

ff+2 W! d/f+4~5 TA! KUM 2,1,2 JIN b/f+2,1,2 - 88dmg

ff+2 W! d/f+4 TA! KUM f+3+4, 1+2 JIN f+4~f, 2 - 95dmg (Delay the ZEN 2 slightly to make it a low wall hit) b+3~f, 1,2 also works for the same damage

ff+2 W! 1,2,3~5 TA!, KUM d/b+1+2,1+2,2 JIN d/f+1,4 - 83dmg

Tagging Kuma in for red life...meh, not really seen much outside of doing his staple stuff after any of Jin's taggable launchers. I'll post something up if anything interesting is found.

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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
Messin' round w/ Kuma and True Ogre. Pretty good team.

Kumas pros and cons:

+ Good lows
+ Good highs
- Not so good mids
+/- Average pokes
+/- Cheese
+ Throws
+ Awesome whiff punisher
+ Good range
- Semi bad frames
- Horrible trackin'
+ Exellent punisher
+/- Hitbox
- Not so good against pitbulls

True Ogres pros and cons:

- Bad lows
- Good highs
- Not so good mids
+ Good pokes
+/- Not much cheese
+ Throws
+ Great whiff punisher
+ Good range
+/- Okayish frames
+/- Average trackin'
+ Exellent punisher
+/- Hitbox
- Not so good agaist pitbulls
+ Teleport/breakin' oki/escapin' from juggles

True Ogre has better mids but Kuma has better whiff punisher. Against pitbulls both have dick jab,Kuma has f+111 and True Ogre got b+2. Combos are easy as fuck. SS is almost impossible.


df+21~5 True Ogre 12, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre hcf+2:1+2 = 90 dmg, easyy.
f+1+2~5 True Ogre 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre hcf+2:1+2 = 89 dmg, easyy.
ff+2~5 True Ogre UF+4, df+32~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre ff, uf+34,3+4 = 103 dmg, easyy.
b+3+4~5 True Ogre UF+4, 3, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre hcf+2:1+2 = 102 dmg, easyy.
uf+3, df+32~b! True Ogre df+1+2, Kuma b+21, df+21~5 = 67 dmg (shitty combo, u can do prolly True Ogres hcf+2:1+2 instead of df+1+2 4more dmg.)
CH HBS d+1+2, df+2~5 True Ogre 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre ff, uf+34,3+4 = 125 dmg, 2easy.
HBS 1+2, df+32~B! True Ogre uf+34,3+4 Kuma df+1+2 = 92 dmg, easyy.

True Ogre:

df+1+2, UF+4, 3, db+1~B Kuma uf+43, True Ogre ff, uf34,3+4 = 103 dmg, easyy (u prolly get more).
ff+3, 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43 True Ogre ff, uf+34,3+4 = 97 dmg, easyy.
CH b+2, 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre uf+34,3+4 = 92 dmg, easyy.
CH b+3, cc, 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre ff, uf+34,3+4 = 90 dmg, easyy.
WM, ff, u+1+2, 32, db+1~B! Kuma uf+43, True Ogre hcf+2:1+2 = 102 dmg. Only "difficult" combo.

At walls:

Kuma f+21 W! bb, df+32~B! True Ogre uf+1+2,1+2 Kuma db+1+2,1+2,2 = 97 dmg easyy.
True Ogre uf+1+2,1+2 W! df+32~B! Kuma f+3+4,1+2, True Ogre 1+2,1+2,1+2 = 123 dmg easyy.

U can eat red life eg w/ True Ogre, I recommend f+1+2~5 32, db+1, hcf+2:1+2

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#30 “Quote” Edit Post
Some Kuma / Marduk ideas I had put together a little while ago...

Kuma / Marduk
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#31 “Quote” Edit Post
I'll be using Kuma/Lili. I'll will add combos here soon once I'm back on PS3...which won't be for a while...

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