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Here we go again...

New low I'm really interested. b df4. can cancel by holding B.

d1+2 b cancel into sway now. i guess that means u can do low soccerkick after. no vids done this yet. but im curious.

id like to know if
1+2 is safe
f 41 is safe
df23 is safe
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When I got to play T2, f4,1 forced the opponent into crouch and was like -12 (not -13).
df2,3 was more or less safe, exactly like a 3+4.

Not sure about the sway or about 1+2.
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1+2 was like 16f but safe in the Evo build... not sure about the final version
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df23 is -13
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I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .
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is the bryan still have jet in wall after b4???i read some where it is no more but i saw some one doing it in combo video
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it is still there assii...i was also watching videos the other day and guy was doing it perfect then i read in is still there as it is in T6BR...
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I'm pretty sure he still has all of his extensions from BR, he can even do b+4 into mach breaker. They did not make any frame changes to his b+4 as well as jet upper. Which thread did you read this from?
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I just read Jelo's T 5 dr guide on Jin and I'm so envious of Jin players... . When the game is available, I just wish someone would write something like that for Bryan. There are at least 5 people posting here who would clearly be capable of doing it, so please give it some thought.[B]
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Hi guys, what is the actual damage for bryan b+2,1,4?
I saw inatekken listed as 21,25,25
but however Arcadia extra listed it at 18,17,21.
I wonder which is correct??
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I believe Ina tekken is correct. I remember when I was trying to maximize dmg for a combo ender, I looked at that, and it was more than 70.

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