Hermit Stance 'HMT'

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Manually enter and exit Hermit Stance 'HMT' with 3+4.

Whilst in HMT, Leroy will auto parry all low attacks for 15 dmg and +16 frame advantage with no guaranteed combo follow ups.

As with Leroy's general movelist, his HMT options are also very linear with the exception of HMT f1_4_b4, all track both ways with the latter being a TC low homing move.

While in HMT Leroy can pressure with fast tracking pokes like HMT 4_f1_3,4 or fish for CH with HMT b4. He can also defend with HMT 1 to sabaki punch and kick attacks, b2 into his parry options, auto parry all lows or evade by ss with ~u_d. Once you've gotten your opponent to freeze, you can wear them down with more HMT 3,4_b4 or maintain block pressure with HMT b1. He is vulnerable to ssl_swl and he cannot block whilst in HMT which will make reads with HMT 1, ss and b2 essential if you're not block or whiff punishing into HMT options.

All of Leroy's HMT options take him out of HMT except HMT 4 which will leave him in stance to continue HMT offence with that tasty +7 on hit or his defensive reads.

Strings and attacks into HMT:

i10: 1,2,4 HMT, 27 dmg, +3 NH, -9 on block, hhm i10 NC, block punishment
i10: d1,2,4 HMT, 25 dmg, +3 CH, -9 on block. hhm ncc TC string.
i13: df1,4_ws1,4 HMT, 30 dmg, +6 NH, -6 on block. mm NC, i13 block punishment.
i13: df4 HMT, 16 dmg, +6 NH, -6 on block mid poke.
i14: d4,4 HMT, 26 dmg, +3 CH, -11 on block. lm ncc string.
i16: d3,2 HMT, 24 dmg, +8 NH, -3 on block, lh NC string, strong + and block frames.
i16: ff4 HMT, 16 dmg, +9 NH, -4 on block, mid whiff punisher into HMT mixups.

Moves in HMT:

HMT u~d: HMT ss. More recovery than regular ss, however useful for evasion when entering HMT from a blocked string or single attack.

HMT b2: Parry out of HMT into canned follow ups with either b2~1_2. Very useful for when a string or attack into HMT is blocked and your opponent pushes buttons. Remember that Leroy can parry headbutts, knees and elbows, making HMT b2 a very strong defensive option.

HMT 1: i24, 17 dmg, +4 NH, CH KND mid into a dash d3,2 pick up for a combo. It also sabakis high and mid attacks. Very linear, only sabakis punches and kicks.

HMT f1: i14, 17 dmg, +15 NH, CH S! into a combo. Fast mid that tracks both ways even from -6 on block from df1,4 HMT.

HMT b1: i20, 21 dmg, +7 NH, CH launch, +4 on block mid. Tracks a little to Leroy's left.

HMT 2,1: i12, 34 dmg, KND NH, -4 on block, hh, S! in combos. Delayable, tracks to Leroy's left.

HMT 1+2: i15, 30 dmg, KND NH, 31 dmg KND CH, mmm, -10 on block, tracks to Leroy's left with +frames.

HMT 3,4: i16, 24 dmg, 0 NH, 0 CH, NC, lm, -15 on block, tracks to Leroy's left with +frames. Fast if risky low option.

HMT b4: i20, 17 dmg, +4 OC NH, combo on CH, -13 on block. TC homing low, very useful for catching steppers.

HMT 4: i11, 12 dmg, +7 NH, -7 on block. Fast mid poke which keeps him in HMT to reset HMT pressure or defence. Tracks both ways even from -frames.

HMT 4,1+2: i11, 38 dmg, KND, -14 on block, mmm. A riskier step catcher or use the second hit to catch opponents pushing buttons after HMT 4 on its own.

HMT f4: i26, 25 dmg, 0 on block, 'Orbital Heel' into full combo. Linear.

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