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the site is down for maintenance right now:
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Thanks for making the thread JMS -

I'll keep you updated as we do some updates. Biggest thing today was to speed the site up.

Thanks again

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Hey Filthie, any chance that they are going to upload replay's straight to the WTF site ?
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noticed mooseknuckle is gone too LOL
Hey Rich how do we pause and rewind the replays or is it not possible and why cant 2 different people on 2 ps3 play tag on the same team online? also why cant there be a rematch option if there are only 2 players in a player match also wheres the frame data in practice mode man even vf and doa have it please patch namco otherwise the rest of TTT2 is perfect thanks for all your hard work

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WTF is definitely gettin better and better. Hopefully we can at least see some top replays soon on the site and not only have the option through game systems. Great stuff though!
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I wonder when they will update will the DLC chars. Atm, I've got a Disciple ranked Combot!

Combot is used as a placeholder for Miharu. I saw a person's profile who was using Slim Bob and saw Bob was used as his placeholder. Who's Sebastian's placeholder?
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Originally posted by VargasTheSick
Hey Filthie, any chance that they are going to upload replay's straight to the WTF site ?

never ever !!!
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Important question (for me):
The games that I (or my Team Members) are playing while WTF is down. Will they count to the team experience and so on or are they lost?
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How come there is no rewind button, I'm pretty sure the lady who introduced us the wtf site said, that there is gonna be a rewind feature...
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any news yet on WTF's "reincarnation"
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