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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
id like it if they added:

  • # of whiff punishes
  • # of block punishes
  • # of parries
  • # of reversals
  • # of high crushes
  • # of low crushes
  • block % (attacks blocked out of attacks from enemy)
  • evade % (attacks evaded out of attacks from enemy)

...probably askin for too much.

stats already available in player cards:

  • # of throws
  • # of low blows
  • # of counter attacks
  • # of throws dodged
  • # of low blows dodged
  • # of tag assaults
  • # of tag combos
  • # of tag crushes
  • # of damage pts dealt (with juggle & ground breakdown)
  • # of rounds won/lost
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I want the ability to rewind the vids, or watch them on the site rather than on the console
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Why doesnt my player card show up? I registered and linked my account as well. :\
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Originally posted by NeoX
Why doesnt my player card show up? I registered and linked my account as well. :\

Are your PSN and XBL accounts correct on here?
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Nice list JMS!

However, in addition to these extras, we should also ask Namco why beta or pre-release features are missing or yet to be included! For instance:

- The ability to pause and rewind (not restart) in replays shown in the official trailer
- A plethora of WTF stats and graphs demonstrated at GamesCom 2012

World Tekken Federation features explored at 16:45

According to this video, WTF is missing:


- Separate ranked and player matches stats
- Win/Loss percentage for each character/team
- Performance graphs for each character/team


- Tag partner's remaining energy (in case of a loss)
- # of hits per character
- # of wall uses
- Minimum mid-air damage
- Guarded count
- Hit count while stunned "counterattack"

A "bug" I would like to point out is that WTF records and displays stats of only first 5 rounds. This, of course, works with standard ranked and player matches, but if someone has changed round count in a room, it will not display the stats of any round beyond 5th.

I'm not currently part of a team, but it's very likely that some team stats/graphs have yet to be implemented as well. I think it would be near impossible to differentiate between whiff and block punishers, but it'd be nice to see '# of punishes' nevertheless because it's now in the game.
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good points, bilal. yes, replay playback options are seriously lacking. they also really need to let you cancel out of a replay without waiting for the round to start.
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by XelNaga
...or watch them on the site rather than on the console

I'm honestly shocked they haven't already done this. With the YouTube epidemic we have right now, you would think they would want to get on that bandwagon and make that extra scrilla.
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
I would love to see a stat somewhere of your record against the player you are currently playing. I've seen some players in ranked plenty of times and I've lost track of my win/loss against them. Would also like some sort of "quality wins" stat, i.e. your win % against players who are either ranked higher than you or have a better win %.

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