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Hi there. As usual, I pick up a character for a while and make a topic once I'm done with them, that might help others where I struggled.

There is not much information on Bob in Tekken 7 as most Bob players already exhausted the knowledge in the T6 and tag 2 forums. There's also little traffic when it comes to new Bob players. Hopefully this will help both new and seasoned Bob enthusiasts.

What I'm posting is a collection of everything I've found out from the internet and from experience. Shoutout to ElNegro and MBC and the rest of the Bob Forums.



As you'll soon tell, the problem with Bob's punishment is having to think about which punish would be best for every single situation presented to you. The ones in blue are the ones I recommend to rely on.

- 1,2... h,h 17 dmg +3
- 1,1,2... h,h 27 dmg +2
- 1,4... h,h 22 dmg +5
- 2,1... h,m 18 dmg +4
- 1,d+4... h,l 20 dmg -1 best to backdash afterwards.
- d/b+1_FC1... sm 5 dmg +6

- f+2,3... h,m 32 dmg KND

- b+2,2... m,h 22 dmg +8
- d/f+4... m 16dmg +2

- d/f+1,2... m,m 28dmg +1
- d+1+2,2,1... hh,m,h 39 dmg KND (CD2 will launch backrollers)
- d/b+2... m 14dmg +6

- d/f+2... m 14dmg +3
- d+2,1... m,m 26dmg +1
- d+2,4... m,m 33dmg KND
- b+4,4... m,h 35dmg +11
- b+4,1... m,m 35dmg +9
- d+3+4... mm 32dmg KND
- u/b+3... mm 34dmg KND
- f+1+2... m 25dmg KND
- f,f+2... m 25dmg KND (FDFA) (mixup WR3+4 for quick standers and dash b+3 for grounded. Bait those who may try to interrupt your WR3+4)

- u/f+1+2,4... m,h 35dmg +14k (semi-hitconfirmable)
- u/f+1+2,1+2... m,m 40dmg KND
- f+4... h 20dmg KND (b+3_u+3+4 guaranteed)
- CD1... h 20dmg KND
- d+4... l 11dmg -1

- b+3... m 20dmg KND
- b+1+2... m 20dmg +8
- b+1,2... m,m 31dmg +7

- d/b+1+2... m 16dmg Launch
- d/f+3,2... m,h 34dmg KND

- 1+2,1+2... m,m 38dmg KND (hit-confirmable)
- d/b+3+4,3+4... l,l 26 dmg +8 (bad range)

- u/f+3... m 20dmg launch (Rage Art punish)
- d/f+1+2 (Rage Art)


- d/b+1... sm 5dmg +6

- WS4... m 16dmg +5

- WS2,1... m,m 22dmg Launch
- WS2,2... m,m 30dmg +5 (pseudo hit confirmable in that you can see if your opponent attacked during its startup)
-FCd/f+2,1... m,m 26dmg +4

- WS1+2... m 25dmg KND
- WS1,2... m,h 21 dmg KND (b+3_u+3+4 guaranteed) (pseudo hit confirmable in that you can see if your opponent attacked during its startup)
- WS1,3... m,m 32dmg KND


- 2,1 and 1,2. i10 jabs with above average reach. 2,1 being high mid and the second hit having decent tracking to the left, is going to be very very helpful in the neutral against unpredictable opponents.

- f+2,3. This as an absolutely amazing i12 punish. It punishes get up 4s from every range, and Bryan's d/f+2,3. You simply must take advantage of this punish and learn everything that is -12 in the game.

- b+2. i13 mid with a very low hitbox. Use (Spam) it as a poke by itself, abuse the follow-up if they can't duck. This move will help you convert combos you never knew you could. e.g After d+2,3 on an airborne opponent, or when only a single hit connects during u/b+3 and d+3+4. Keep it locked and loaded.

- d/f+1. i14. If you see your opponent sidesteps to one particular side (Bob's left) use this. It won't discourage stepping since the opponent won't realize you've read them, meaning this will land many many times.

- f+4. i16 your trusty homing move. Dash up and use this against people trying to sidestep your slash kick. At the furthest range, dashing into f+4 gets you the running slide. However, this has great tracking as well, so it will still catch sidestepping opponents.

- d/f+2. i15 Absolutely spam this move. Very low risk with potentially very high reward. Doesn't launch unless on CH. Tracks well to Bob's right.

- f,f+2. i15 at fastest input. Another move you can spam in the neutral. Learn how to extend its range very well. I would not recommend doing from a wavedash because an accidental CD2 is a fatal accident.

- b+3. Your best tool for hitting grounded opponents. Hard to punish because of pushback in the open. Use b+2 to combo on CH.

- u/f+1+2 and its extensions. i16 another amazing punish. Very long range so can punish things like Heihachi's f,f+2 and the last hit of Paul's demoman very reliably. Punish with the belly for more damage, and to discourage ducking in case you later want to fish for a wallsplat in the neutral.

- u/b+3 and f,b+1. Get off me moves. You'll need them. A Bob player needs to dominate the match and freeze up his opponent. 1,4 on block is a good way to set them up.

- f+1+2. Since Bob is usually just barely safe after his moves, this armor move will discourage people from taking their turn after blocking your move.

- CD4,1+2. Bob is littered with mids. You need a power low to scare them into ducking. This will do just that so do not be afraid to use it. Practice it from a wavedash and understand that it has much less range than that of a Mishima. In case of a wallsplat, d+1, for oki.

- WS1+2. Abusable. Doing a safe string, then ducking into WS2,1 is a big risk. This offered a safe alternative for little risk to great reward. This should be your go-to after ducking a jab.

CD1 Great move that doesn't give up momentum on block. You can sidestep most retaliations comfortably.

CD1+2* Another safe mid for when you need another safe mid. (This one knocks down though.)

- Bob's strings-
All of his 3+ hit strings have a weakness in one place or the other. However, that does not make them useless. Will be discussed more in the General notes section


I have not been a Bob main for long, so I'm not exactly a guru, but here's what I gathered to be the things to know about Bob.

i) Wallcarry is your best friend.

Your max damage combos are not going to do spectacular amounts in the open. Your going to be much happier at the wall. So make every combo count to getting you there.

ii) If all else fails, go for oki

Sure you can complete the combo for guaranteed damage, or you can try reset the situation. End combos with b+1+2 or u+3+4 of f,f+3.

iii) Party hard.

Your inhibitions will only hold you back. Dish out hellsweeps until your opponent dreads them. Throw out d/f+2 whenever you can. Mix-up CD1, f,f+2 and CD4,1+2 from a distance.

Abuse strings that your opponent cannot defend against.

If your opponent does not know the exact weakness of a move or string, then you have every liberty to abuse that string. I still get plenty of mileage from 2,1,4 to this day. So, find out ways to establish if your opponent knows the match-up. If they do, even worse for them, because that means you can stop the string halfway and cause great hesitation. Use this to your advantage.

Strings I'd recommend:


1. His Rage Art has good range, it can be used reliably in combos and as a whiff punish. A jab into a rage art works well mid-combo (but not in every situation).

2. Aside from that, Bob has no comeback mechanic, only Hail Marys. His best Hail Mary is his Ki Charge. He has plenty of good range CH launchers to mix up from. With d+3,4 launching low, b+3 launching mid and 4 launching high. KI charge after f,f+3, d/b+2 or 4,3 in a combo.

3. His hopkick has good range but a bad hitbox. Don't rely on it for punishing whiffs. Use d/b+1+2 for the launch, u/f+1+2 for the consistency and CD2 for the hard punish.

4. His Crouch dash moves are shut down by SSR, but are very delayable.

5. He is bad at crushing lows. u+1+2 is his best low crush. Don't do u/f+3 or u/f+1+2 or u+3+4 in hopes of crushing a low. You will get counter hit.

6. b+2 saves combos. Rely on it if you get an opponent mid-air from a move you are not sure will combo. After b+1,2, or a single hit of d+3+4_u/b+3, use a jab.

7. d/b+3 is one of those lows that your opponent just always wants to challenge on hit. 1,4 is uninterruptible by anything that's not a high-crush or evasive. It also has good tracking and is only -12 with decent range, so don't be shy with it

8. CD4 into WS1+2 catches many players

9. He can delay most-everything. The blue ones are the ones I think are most useful to mess with your opponent.



Optimal combos

- u+3+4 (Will CH launch any wake up attacks)
- b+3 will combo (wait for them to finish the fall to get more damage and better oki or a possibility of CH their wake-up attacks)

- d+2,4, b+2, d+3,4 S! d+2,4 W! (57dmg)
- d+2,4, b+2, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (66dmg)
- f+4 S! CD1, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3 (63dmg)
- f+4 S! f,f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3 (62 dmg) (Friendlier to do)
- f+4 S! f,f+3, d/b+2, d+2,3, b+1+2>1 (The final delayed 1 catches moving opponents for a total of 68dmg)

u/f+3 _ WS2,1 _ CH d/f+2
- d+2,3, f+1, dash f+1, u/f+1+2,4 S! d+2,4 W! (61_57dmg)
- d+2,3, b+2, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3+3+4 (70_66dmg)
- d/b+2, d+3,4 S! f,f+3, d+2,3, b+3 (66dmg_ 62dmg) (d+3,4S! is much more reliable all round than b+4,4S! for the same damage)

b,b+4 - CH b+3
- b+2,2,4,4 S! dash d/f+1, d+2,4 W! (57dmg)
- b+2, d+3,4 S! f,f+3, d+2,3, b+3 (62dmg)
- b+2,2, d/f+1, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (66dmg)

d/f+3+4,4 S!
- f,f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3 (60dmg)
- f,f+3, d/b+2, d+2,3, b+1+2>1 (The final delayed 1 catches moving opponents for a total of 66dmg)

- WS2,1, u/f+1+2,4 S! dash 1+2~f BAL 4 (guaranteed)
- WS2,1, u/f+1+2,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (57 dmg)
- (Bears) u/f+3+4,4 S!...


- dash WS1+2, d/b+2, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (83dmg)
- dash, forward jump 4, b+2,2, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (83dmg)

CH CD1 S! _ CH BAL 2 S! _ CH (1,2),1+2 S!

- dash d+2,3, b+2,2, d+2,3, b+3 (64dmg)

CH (d.f+3,1),1 _ CH (f+3),4 _ CH BT d+2 _ CH BAL 1

- d+3,4 S! f,f+3, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3

CH WS 1+2

- f+4 S! is most reliable
f+4 S! f,f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3

CH u+3+4

- WS4, d/b+2, d+3,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (73dmg)
- (Bears) WS2,2 (sometimes WS1 connects and you can continue with b+2...)
- (Bears) cc (tight) b+2,2,4,4 S! dash 4,3,3+4 (67dmg)

CH d+3,4

- d+3,4 S! f,f+3, 4,4,3+4
- d+3,4 S! f,f+3 u/f+3+4,4 W!


- f+4 S! f,f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+3 (46dmg)
- (Infinite stage) f+4 S! f,f+3, d/f+1, 4,3,3+4 (46dmg)
- (High damage) WS1+2, d/b+2, d+3,4 S! 4,3,3+4 (54 dmg)
- d/f+1 d+3,4 S! dash 1+2~f BAL 4
- (Opponent's back flush against the wall) d/f+2, BT 3, d+3,4 S! 4,3,3+4 (50dmg) (you'll lose wall positioning)
- (Opponent's back slightly away from the wall) d/f+2 W! u/f+2,3,3+4 into d+3+4
- (Opponent's back flush against the wall) u/b+3 W! b+2,2, d+3+4 (40dmg)
- (Bears against the wall) b+3 W! d/f+3,1, d+2,1,2 (47dmg)
- (Floor break) u+3+4 FB! (d) WS+1+2, 2, u/f+1+2,4 S! 4,3,3+4 (73dmg)

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