anti pressure?

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How Can I deal with poking or pressure type opponents? what is the best crush moves for mid pokes?thanks sirs
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Well, spacing is the best way.

1) get used to backdash cancel 1, 2 two or three times after being hit or blocking.

If the opponent hits you with lows and mid pokes 3 times after you backdash and you hit him once with a combo for whiffing once and launch him to the corner, not only you have dealt more damage but you have also better positioning.

Crush moves involve a high risk high reward situation and spacing involves low risk (no counter hits) and high reward.

2) learn which moves/strings you can sidestep/sidewalk/backdash out of.

3) watch your surroundings. Getting cornered will kill you.

4) attack. Offensive opponents dislike defending, and beong in that position will frustrate them faster than it does on a defensive player. Corner them. This is sometimes more important than hitting them.
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