Asuka's Top 10 Moves

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df+1 is also a great standing option for tracking to the side opposite from df+2 as well.
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1. 1+2+3+4, (hold d/f) 3+4,3+4,1+2 (My favorite move for some reason, I just love using it after a bound move & wait for my opponent to tech roll or stand up or kick me. )
2. f+2
3. b+4
4. 1+2
5. Magic 4
6. Falling Rain
7. d+2
8. WS+1+2
9. d/f+1
10. 3~4

And I also have to add :

f, F+2 mixups
f+3 (only after two spins)
2+3 and that's pretty much it for me.
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My top 10 (not in order):

f2 - amazing punsiher, cancellable, tag bufferable

ff3 - safe, mid, wallsplats, great range, crushes highs, homing move

db3 - great low poke

d2 - one of her best moves, safe on block, leaves opponent in fc (both on hit and block) and gives a juggle on CH. Great after f4 and db1+2

f4 - great homing high that's +3 on block. My favourite followups are 1+2, magic 4, d3+4 and d2. Gives a juggle on normal hit and tag bufferable with db4,3 for a few characters.

d3+4 - her best panic move, juggle on CH, although you'll get murdered if the low is blocked and the high whiffs, tag bufferable

FC df,d,df1+2 (FR) - great throw, especially for okizeme after 3~4 cancels, tag bufferable

1+2 - solid 16f punisher, safe, launches crouching opponents, tag bufferable for most of the cast with db4,3 (I suppose your partner is able to follow-up from these except f4)

df1 (+followups) - great for mind games, a lot of positive frames on hit (I think +7?), CH df1,4 near wall is great

b4,2 - pressure tool, if you're opponent isn't smart they will press buttons afterwards and you can sidewalk them (very risky though), gives a juggle on CH, safe. You can also tag buffer it for most of the cast with b4, db4,3

Honorable mentions: ws1+2, 3~4, df4, FC df2, ss2
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