TTT2 Dragunov General Strategy/Play-style

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Hey guys,I'm pretty new to Dragunov and I've learned good combos with my tag team. However, I still feel like a complete noob when I play with him as I don't know how I should play. Is he defensive or offensive? Does he center around whiff-punishing like the Mishimas? Is he a heavy poke character? What kind of play-style does Dragunov play as, and what tools/moves should I use to support this play-style? Thanks
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Dragunov relies heavily on good spacing and keep out....using moves like df+4 and b+3 (jus to name the main two) to tag them at a distance and "keep them out" can serve to calm them down thus allowing you to start more of a "poke" based offense...d+2 is your main go-to low poke other than d+3 for longer range..db+2,df+1,b+4,2,b+1 and d+1 just to name a few mids...Also becoming extremely proficient with iWR2 is an invaluable asset to Dragunov and is easily his best move...if while using your keep out and movement your opponent whiffs something substantial then qcf+1 and f+1+2 are great midrange whiff punishes and df+2 for a close range SS whiff punish...there's a few different ways to go about the character and how to play him depending on your style....but the question u pretty much asked is what he excels at...and the answer to that is Spacing,Keepout,and iWR2 rape...for more detailed information and specific strategies I suggest u look into reading and watching all the information that Tyler2k has put out there as well as Aris' YouTube tutorial on the character which is quite extensive...
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