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1st Dan
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I just started trying Tekkenbot. The point of interest would be tracking of moves. There is a column called T which is supposed to display that. The signs used to describe the tracking properties however are F-, A, C, and S they are listed from worst to best tracking from what I understood. The first 2 seem to be for moves with bad or no tracking. C seems to be for moves that track and S is for homing moves. I'm just not sure about this. I'm currently testing Asuka. Her d/b+4 (leg cutter) is displayed as an A which supposedly doesn't have good tracking. But the only way this move misses is if you are close up and do a sidestep continued into a sidewalk. Otherwise this move WILL hit. Does anybody know if the signs I listed are correct? Any other tips on how to test tracking? Is Tekkenbot reliable on everything?

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