Negan moves and framedata

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Hi all,

Negan came to us with 2.20 patch. I want to learn him, so I started to collect his moves and frames here in [Negan] Tekkengod app. I share there whatever I have for Negan.

If you login through menu button, there is an ability to edit existing moves and combos for your personal account.
You can use `<` and `>` signs in filter boxes to filter data more accurate. E.g. `<15` in `Startup` column to see all possible i15 punishers.

For now there is no built-in ability to share your personal movelist, but you can build it for yourself or ping me in that case.

Currently, Negan seems like an easy character with perfect punish frames. I feel like it is the right way to balance guest character. Lots of NC (natural combos) with high damage, powerfull dmg i10 punisher, good ws and standing i15 launch punishers.
Also he has lots of moves that leads to guaranteed damage or good oki. So there is even some depth to explore.

Good job for now, Namco

PS. Participate in poll if you are interested in Negan research

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