Philosophy of Mishima

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Originally posted by Abigan2K
philosophy of mishima has always been the same

mishimas are used best using turtle playstyle = space like mad to bait whiffs and block punish with mishimas top notch punishing tools

scare the shit out of them by launching whiffed moves
once they're scared move in for cd ff+3_HS or fff+3 mixup (mid launch_low_+frame) mixup
if they are still throwing stuff to interrupt or find CH.. this is where you utilize the EWGF as the best tool for trading (double CH results to double normal hit.. ewgf launches on normals)

for kaz, ss+ewgf is your best friend.. his only 13f safe mid is d/f+4,4 its hella linear so only use upon emergency

that's all there is to know about mishimas

opponent want to trade or ch? = whiff punish or ewgf
opponent frame-locks you and forces you a mid/low mixup? = use mishimas top tier punishment options
opponent scared to throw moves? = move-in for cd mixup
opponent throwing moves again? = whiff punish or ewgf
panic mode? = twin pistons or d/f+2 (CH)
opponent walled? = HS or u+3_wr+3

add a little throw here and there to break their focus and you're all set
but 70% of the time, yea you be turtling and baiting for whiffs =(
but thats how mishimas are played.. goodluck

great analysis. worst feeling is when the opponent is also being very judicial with their attacks

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