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The Definitive Chickening Thread

This thread will detail the specifics about what "chickening" is in Tekken. Please feel free to ask or explain anything since it is a slightly advance operation and can be a little technical where frame data may come into it.

There are several characters in Tekken that can universally counter punches and kicks for guaranteed damage and wall/oki setups, usually by pressing b+1+3 or b+2+4 in time with your opponents attack.

Characters such as Asuka, Paul, Nina and Anna for example.

Headbutts, knees and elbows cannot be counters neither can lows or throws, although some characters like Dragunov have unique low counters.

Asuka's counter is unique in that it has a larger window in which to counter your opponent and it can be held for even longer by holding b+1+3 or b+2+4. The advantage of this is that the player will need less timing to counter their opponent but the major and obvious drawback is that her counter stance then becomes vulnerable to low and grab attempts which is why her counter is used sparingly at high level play.

"Chickening" in Tekken is where you can 'counter a counter'.

In order to do this you need to buffer a forward throw with the corresponding limb that you are attacking you opponent with.

e.g. Do Paul Phoenix's Deathfist, QCF+2 and hold f+2+4. Paul is attacking with his right arm so the corresponding limb/button is 2 hence the players need to buffer f+2+4.

OR - Crouch jab (d+1) with Kazuya into WS+1,2 (Twin Pistons/TP). Buffer f+1+3 into your TP.

If your opponent counters you will 'chicken' their counter with some added chip damage to their health bar.

Another common situation for counters is when Asuka is hit by a generic d+1 she will go for a counter setup in order to counter the following WS+4.

So when you d+1, immediately buffer (or mash!) f+2+4 as you WS+4.

As for frames, generally characters can counter successfully up to a -3 to -5 disadvantage e.g. Blocked Bryan's b+1 (elbow) and Asuka can counter jabs despite him being at +3 (please don't do this as you will eat d/f+2,1!) If you're at a serious disadvantage e.g. Blocked Julia's WR+1 (another elbow), she will be at +9 you will be at -9... DO NOT PUSH BUTTONS.

More experienced Tekken players will tell you that whenever they are fighting a character with counters they are always buffering chickens into certain attacks and strings.

With this in mind learn to read your opponent and be as crafty with your counters as possible note that certain double button press strings and strings themselves can be hard to buffer chickens into so these are places where you can counter more effectively with a reduced likelihood of being chickened- do your research!


that's it for chickening for now


feel free to edit and sticky

@anyone else

any input/amendments on frames will be greatly appreciated also can anyone cap a chicken vid please i'll see what i can do first

thank you

Edit (by p|chu):
Added colours. As usual, blue for notation and green for frames. Also fixed up all the notations and added a short intro.

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Everything looks good and all. You don't have capping gear do you? Or have access to it? We'll talk on MSN to see if we can get a video up. It should be useful since chickening as a whole is easy to understand but a little difficult to understand for people who haven't played Tekken before (or if they are coming from other games like SF where there are no buttons for limbs).
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Can you explain excaclty what you think is the best way to input chicken?
If someone counters your 1 jab, do you hold 1, and then time when you hit f+3 (while still holding 1)? Or do you press and hold forward, while mashing 3?
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the frames are to small you need to hit your 1 then just smash out 1+3 as quickly as humanly possible usually without looking because its to small a window to notice.Basically as he was saying some people do it automatically at the end of or beginning of certain combos as practice and cause its smart.
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Tekken 6 Paul. Jabs on F1, reversed (reversal timing doesn't appear to matter, checked on F3 and F8). Chicken must be done between F12-21. Seems like you have 10 frames to input a chicken after the move is reversed.
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you cannot chicken if you use 1+2, only 1 and 2?
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dude thanks for the tip...
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Originally posted by <BTS>Zeus
you cannot chicken if you use 1+2, only 1 and 2?

You can chicken a 1+2, you have to chicken depending on which limb connects first IIRC.
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have you guys already CHICKENED Lili's Time Reversal?

I only have done it once...and it's an achievement...hehe...just wanna share it...
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Originally posted by woCdaM
Can you explain excaclty what you think is the best way to input chicken?
If someone counters your 1 jab, do you hold 1, and then time when you hit f+3 (while still holding 1)? Or do you press and hold forward, while mashing 3?

I know you posted that a way while back, but yes, you can do exactly what you've described here. That's called "buffering," and it's useful technique in Tekken. You will hold 1, as you said, then when your punch is reversed, input "f+3" while still holding 1, and the game will accept it as "f+1+3."

This isn't simply a technique to allow you to control your pad with more ease, but also useful in many other ways. For instance, with King, you can buffer the Giant Swing throw in a single jab animation so, during the jab animation, you will press the "f, hcf" portion, then hold "f" from the "hcf" and as soon as the jab animation ends, while still holding "f," hit "1." This will be accepted as "f, hcf+1" and the throw will come out immediately after the jab animation ends instead of having to wait for the animation to end, then starting the command.

And conceivably, you could apply this to any character's movelist in the game just so long as you buffer your move in the previous move's animation so that any move, regardless of how complex the command is, would come out instantly when the previous move's animation ends. This gives you plenty of frame advantage if you can apply this to every aspect of your game.

I knew a guy at my local arcade during the TTT days that would buffer a "chicken" whenever playing people who could reverse, i.e. Jin, Jun, Paul, etc. He'd literally buffer a chicken for every move, so he'd buffer a chicken for every punch of Lei's Razor Rush and so forth, I had never seen the guy be reversed without being able to chicken. With the exception of King and Wang, of course, 'cause they're unchickenable.

Originally posted by <BTS>Zeus
you cannot chicken if you use 1+2, only 1 and 2?

As Dilly said, you can chicken a 1+2, you have to chicken depending on which limb connects first IIRC. However, when you use a move that clearly uses both fists at the same time in the animation, then the chicken input is ALWAYS "f+1+3".

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