Stopping abuseable moves and strings in T4

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Originally posted by marcos2003
The ONLY WAY to avoid the laser scraper IN ANY OF ITS FINISHERS is to SSR.
I played Jin against a good friend of mine and he ALWAYS sidestep the laser scraper even though i delayed it , just framed it, or tried to do it fast.
Anyone can tell me if this is possible?
Well , im new in this forum , but not to the game

there is a way to sidestep left on block, but it requires a very specific timing. i'm not going to say just-frame timing, because people are throwing that term around WAAAAAAY too much.

but anyhow, block the first hit of his laser scraper, then as the second one is connecting, hit up or down and sidestep. it's pretty common knowledge, but there is a certain timing that allows you to sidestep left, which is nice because even if he does the fastest possible laser scraper, you'll end up with a free backthrow. he will not do it again.
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Actually, you can get a free back grab with Ling.

And if you wanna stay you can b+1 on delays or JF's.

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Wow, this thread died faster than the baby I just threw across the room.

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wow..i feel bad for laughing at that...

anyways, why does the comp and people I play let me continuously hit them with hei's d+1 hammerpunch? cant it be teched, quick recovery or anything?

i thought the comp was supposed to not let you get repetitious? i dont wanna do it, but everyone just lays there and takes it like a drunk college chick!
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How do you stop hayashida Nina besides punching whomever is playing her in the face?
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Last edited by rogerkaz on Mar 1st, 2004 at 01:07

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in response to rizzone, i know how you feel, when playing Steve Fox, cant remember the name without searchin the sight,but his right body blow (3,2) always hits, and stuns the player. after that you have a choice of hefty moves like the jack hammer, or (df+2,d+1,2,1) or (df+1+2).

tip for a newbie playin Fox..
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Originally posted by Icege
How do you stop hayashida Nina besides punching whomever is playing her in the face?

that seems to be just the right strat, why think of something else?
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lots of this is very true.
steve is better of being patient for sure, I see to many people run in mass-ing 1,2. lol.
julias elbows took me a little while to realise ''just SS!''
laws 1,2,3 abuseable? lmao.

nina's 1+4 is pretty abuseable. if seen people ONLY that move the whole round and get away with it, but it was a noob battle.

i never abuse things, i use different things all the time because i know when i can use it, and it looks better.. like a movie. lol.
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So is Jins LS only got for CH?
Can JFLS be sidestepped?
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Originally posted by HanmaBaki
So is Jins LS only got for CH?
Can JFLS be sidestepped?

if the first hit of LS goes through the 3rd unblockable is guaranteed

yes jfls can be stepped however you need to block the first 2 hits

you can do a partial escape from the jfLS depending on which character you are using.

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