Pennsylvania and East Coast Tekken 6!@!

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1st Dan
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Iíve always been playing Tekken, but the latest I have is Tekken 6.
Does anybody know whatís wrong with Scenario Campaign? Back in 2016 my girlfriend and I always played it Online. We tried last week and it kept disconnecting us ten seconds in to our game, about seven times.
We play on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One(Backwards Compatible).
Are the servers down? Whatís happening?
Does anybody want to arrange games daily with us?
We want to play regularly and become better. My main is Kazuya and Dragunov and hers are Alisa and Bryan. We are very novice - we block and try moves, but we still often spam some although we try not to.
If anybody wants to arrange games with us post here(assuming this is the correct thread, if not where do I move it?) and if anybody could tell me whatís wrong with Scenario Campaign, let me know.
Thank you.

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