T6 B! isw training tips

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isw after bound is not just button mashing. Space between character and king after the bound varies. Depending on the juggle combination. Hence some can be landed fairly easily whilst some may require more spontaneity. Try not to just mash it all the time & I'm sure you'll get your consistency.
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Originally posted by EpicStoffer
It took you 20 min to buffer a F....? *facepalm*

I know its been a while since he posted this but are you serious? Do you lack reading comprehension? I obviously was talking about king ISW post bound which didn't take me long to get it down consistently

Let me guess you must be so damn good
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What i've come to notice is that King has the distinct advantage of having most of his staples land in reasonable distance from him to allow a smooth transition to iSW granted you do it correctly of course.

Lars, F,b+2,1 leaves them extremely close to Lars along with the fact that the recovery is somewhat slow. So when doing it with him it feels as if you have to do a a true "instant" shining wizard to get him to be able to do it. Im not exactly sure how his new bound move in TTT2 will factor into the difficulty of using his iSW however.

Armor king's D+2 bounds them somewhat far away from him so when i try to do the iSW with him i intentionally try to grab past the opponents legs. This may seem strange but it works almost every time. Yet another factor is when the Df+1 is applied when doing his staple. If applied to soon you obviously wont get the bound at all if they tech and if you apply it to late then you'll have to run slightly farther thus decreasing the size of your window even more.

Oh and btw, anyone can buffer a button. It takes practice to apply buffering effectively. Which is why Epicstoffer is so Epic in his application of buffering a simple F.

-And that's the bottom line cause StReeTz said so...
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