Keep TTT Alive, You Tube Vids Of TZ Members !

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Baron West
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Nothing like putting up sloppy AI matches. Although for what's it's worth, this is the greatest Kuni vs AI match on youtube. Not because of the gameplay, but because of the Tekken 2 theme.

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask but how are you guys uploading your matches? Are you recording onto VHS, DVD, and then using conversion software, recording straight to computer, or what?
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I use a few diff methods but mostly I record to VHS then use a video editing software n also convert it to my desired playback format i.e .avi , .Mp4 and so forth !

But last year I bought me da coolest device " neuros OSD " which converts ur video while it's being recorded n sends it to ur iPhone, a ext hard drive , ps3, xbox or whatever device that's there oh n also direct to YouTube :-O I payed 120.00 for it it might be way cheaper now !

ODV out !
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good stuff
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few on my youtube site, most likely from some of you guys accounts ;P thx especially onedeadlyvenom ;]

youtube acct

mainly music i have but that is gaming playlist and majority of it is tekken tag and some of my cousin brian h matches in various tekken's etc

TTT online lets go gogo!
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seriously. tekken tag online .. like wat da fk

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