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Alrighty, time to make the guidelines into one thread. If you have any questions about posting in Fan Fiction Depot, please read through this post first before contacting me. Chances are, your questions will be answered here; if not, please PM me so I can clarify!

What belongs in this forum:

  • Tekken-related fanfiction, poetry, or song. Alternate Universe, original characters, and even Mary Sues are all perfectly fine, so long as it is somehow Tekken-related. ^^
  • Fiction that is a collaboration between FFD members. It would be nice if it was Tekken-related, but since it's difficult to collaborate with FFD members outside of FFD, go ahead and do group stories here.

  • Questions about fanfiction material. It's perfectly alright to have a poll asking advice about a plot point, or post asking for readers to proofread your material.
  • General topics about fanfiction. Threads such as "what inspires you when you write?" and the like are perfectly acceptable...in fact, I think I'm going to start a thread like that myself. XD

What does not belong in this forum:

  • Original fiction. Sorry, but this is a Tekken forum, so writing that does not have Tekken content should be posted elsewhere. http://fanfiction.net has a huge Original Fiction section, and you will get more readers for it there, anyway.

  • Surveys, lists, sports pools, etc. Anything that is not Tekken fanfiction, poetry, or song really belongs in other forums. Besides, you will have a larger audience in CCC for "Top 10 Things Julia Would Never Say" than you will in FFD.

  • Prejudices. I am particularly sensitive about this; even stereotypical jokes can offend. If a character happens to be prejudiced, and these prejudices are shown in a negative light, then that is usually okay, but any inferred racism, homophobia or sexism on the part of the author = a deleted thread.

  • Sex. TZ is a family-oriented site. Stories with explicit sex will be deleted; this is the same guideline as applies to the rest of the site. ^^

  • Chat. Chat threads belong in CCC, and will be closed or moved there. Threads such as "which is your favourite Tekken character?" will be moved to an appropriate forum. Similarly, threads that turn into chat will be closed or moved.

  • Spam. Please don't post repeatedly in your thread to ask, "Why isn't anyone reading this?" You cannot force anyone to read your work; posts like this will be considered spam and deleted. Also, the "edit" button is a wonderful tool, so if you forget something in your last post, please go back and edit it rather than post again! Also, please avoid a new post to say "that was for you, ______!" or "what did you think, _______?" These comments can easily be appended to the end (or beginning) of the post for your story.
    ...On that note, bumps are acceptable, but be reasonable here. If your story is near the bottom of the first page or lower, feel free to bump it up...but don't bump just because it isn't the first topic on the page. :\

  • CAPS LOCK. Posts typed in CAPS LOCK are seen as yelling. If you accidentally type an entire post in CAPITALS, please take the time to edit it to its proper format. This is for your sake, not mine; many posters will be offended by posts in caps. ...similarly, StAgGaRiNg TeXt should be avoided.

Tips to get more readers for your fanfiction:
Since there is so much here by so many writers, most people will not take the time to sit through every fanfiction. Here are a few things you can do to make your fanfic attractive to prospective readers.

  • Check spelling and grammar. The occasional mistake is fine, but if you constantly change tenses and spell every second word wrong, your readers may run out of patience. Most word processing documents have spellcheckers, and you can always ask someone to proofread for you. ...If English isn't your first language, people will be a little more forgiving; a little blurb at the beginning of the story might let them know this. ...Writing is a great way to learn a language. ^^ That said, stories do not have to be in English, but the majority of FFD readers are anglophone.

  • Check the layout. Since TZ forums don't accomodate "tab" spacings, it's easiest to separate paragraphs by a blank line. This makes your story very easy to read; paragraphs that are jammed together may be a little more difficult to read. ...To change tab marks to blank lines in MS Word, go to "Find/Replace" and enter "^t" as the character to change, and "^p" as the character to replace it. Click "Replace All," and it will replace every tab with a line return. You can then copy your story and past into TZ, and the layout will be easy to read by all.

    On that note, there is no proper format for FFD, but we'd all prefer if you post successive updates for a story in the same thread as the rest of the story. This way, if someone comes across your story for the first time, they won't have to plow through the pages to find each chapter. (In which case, they'd probably give up, anyway.)

  • Have fun with it! Silly, but true: if you don't enjoy writing it, others won't enjoy reading it.

Don't get discouraged if you write a brilliant piece and don't get many reviews at first. The fanfiction world can be slow to catch on sometimes: if you are patient, you'll get readers. Don't forget to try other fanfiction sites to widen your exposure!

Phew, that's a lot of typing! *scrolls through post* Well, I guess that's everything. Don't hesitate to contact me or any of the other mods if you have any questions related to the forum. We don't bite...usually.

Happy Writing!
[last updated 12 July 2003]

*** New Update ***

Out of respect to the authors of their respective fanfics, please refrain from hijacking fanfic threads, especially if it involves the plugging of your own fanfic. It's a simple matter of courtesy; would you want other people coming into your fanfic thread, posting off-topic and hijacking the thread, and then plugging their own fic instead? It's as simple as that. Hopefully everyone will be cooperative and adhere to simple courtesy.

***Yet Another New Update***

Due to how it doesn't really qualify as a fanfic, don't make threads that say "Can I have some ideas?" Most authors here, myself included, are GLAD to lend a helping hand, but to make a thread asking for ideas and then make a new thread for that fic is just silly. Thank you for your cooperation!

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