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#141 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by PendaS
b1 should have been made -14 on block imo.

For qcf3, i think iy means the active frames where the moves hurts the opponent is increased by 2 if that makes any sense. It is a buff.

I also think ch b222 probably gives knd now

Overall no drastic changes with her just slight buffs. I was hoping for a better i12 block punsiher, but oh well.

I see. Thank you

Iím happy ff+1+2 is now safe from -14. She has yet another SAFE, MID WALLSPLAT to add to her existing list of safe mid wallsplats.

Since 1,4 now does 24dmg and is +1 on hit do you think she has still a subpar i10 punisher.
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#142 “Quote” Edit Post
It's average now so we can't complain. She still lacks a scary i12 punisher fo4 hopkick happy oppnents, but you can't have it all i guess.

I still don't see use of ws3 tbh even if it's i13 now. I'd go for the guaranteed damage from ws1,1+2 any day.
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#143 “Quote” Edit Post
If you're good at doing the just frame of ws3:1+2... I forgot, can you even break it? Anyways, now it's much easier to hit her spider knee and try to go for the grab.

And wow the ff+1+2 to -5 and pushback.

I don't really mind the change to b+3, 4. I barely used that move anyways
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#144 “Quote” Edit Post
Ws3:1+2 on its own is not breakable. I think that's abour 35 damage in total (or less?). If you continue the chain grab they can break and inflect 5 dmg on you when breaking.
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#145 “Quote” Edit Post
I wanted a better i12 more than anything else but will gladly settle for a better i10. Now she has a legit 10f string to use not only as a punish but to interrupt strings that have those kinds of windows. That makes me happy.

As like everybody else, ff+1+2 being -5 on block makes me soil myself.

Reduced pushback from qcf+1 on hit I think is always very nice. Means she gets good advantage AND can keep up pressure easier.

The reach increase on d+2 I think is awesome.

The dmg nerf from b+3,4 sucks as I did use that move but I will gladly accept this as a pay off for all the shit she's getting.
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#146 “Quote” Edit Post
Reach increase is listed for d+2,3 not just d+2. So I'm wondering if it only applies to the kick and therefore just makes a difference for juggles.

B+3,4 says it has a difference on hit too. Probably gives a free ff+3 or something. I doubt they'd nerf it overall.

1,4 is still only +1 on hit. I think I'll continue using 1,2 for SS+1 pressure.
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#147 “Quote” Edit Post
What if the increase range is for d(2),3 instead of d2? It would be a bit useless.
And well, now ws3 is 13f so we can potentially deal half bar of damage with a 13f punish??? ws3 into full multithrow + f1+2 oki.

Edit: Oh, sparkly unicorns already said that about d2,3 XD
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#148 “Quote” Edit Post
Hmm i konda hope they mean d2. It lacked range compared to acertain someone's d2.

What really needed fixing was the iffy last hit of qcf4,2,3.

It feels like they wanted to buff Nina an itsy bitsy bit, but made sure she stays where she is now compared to the rest of the cast.
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#149 “Quote” Edit Post
Here's a vid of my Nina if anyone's interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATtKRbuzTwI&t=310s
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#150 “Quote” Edit Post
I don't know if it was posted here already, sorry if it is a re-post... found on Reddit, gooood Nina


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