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I didn't know how to describe it, but yes, you have to input the direction slightly before the command. I wrote it as DRU d/b~4 to indicate that you can't do the inputs together, but maybe DRU D/B~4 is more accurate. I edited the first post to reflect this.
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Originally posted by daxchua
Heres a neat trick I do.

If I evade attacks with d+1+2, and they are close enough, i do FCD 1+2 to go to BT DRU, and give them a d~BT 1+3_2+4.

I mix it up with d~BT 4~3_2.

These are the only mid moves, which is why they're so important to know how to do from the Backwards Drunken Style:
BT DRU d~4
BT DRU d~4,3 (CH juggle)
BT DRU d~2 (wall splat)

BT DRU d+1+3 and d+2+4 are super fast, and the correct break is invisible. I'll use this safe 50/50 every time until they start ducking. I prefer d+1+3 because Lei's right arm appears to be closer and I feel like it makes opponents guess 2 for the break more often than 1. Also, if you mess up the input for whatever reason, you'll get BT d+1 or BT d+3 instead. These two low moves are safer compared to if you mess up the d+2+4 throw and get BT d+4 or BT d+2 instead. BT d+1 and BT d+3 can only be punished by i11 WS punishers and BT d+1 can't be parried. In contrast BT d+4 gets juggled on block and BT d+2 is special mid so it always gets blocked.

I like to become the "Backwards Drunk" and throw people after a blocked Tornado Kick or after entering Dragon Stance on a block.

3~4,d PLDs 1+2 BT DRU d+1+3

f,n,4,1~D (blocked) DGN d+3+4 PLDs 1+2 BT DRU d+1+3
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I would just like to say what a wonderful service this is to the drunken community! Thanks!

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