Need help with the input for Sand Storm

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I'm hoping I can get some pointers on how to consistently pull off his Sand Storm ( Slide Move ), which is where you dash while crouching and then 3. I can do it in practice mode sometimes, but in the heat of a match I just can't pull it off.

I'm using a stick by the way, so if anyone knows of a certain way to tap it I would be very grateful.
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Here's the trick. Try practicing the FC df,d,df motion. If Shaheen does this slight twitch forward motion, then you did it correctly. During this state if you press X he will perform the slide. Start doing it slowly by getting the forward motion first before pressing x, until you can get to perform it instantly.
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Great thanks, yeah I went into practice mode for a while and I was able to do it somewhat consistently. Its just when I'm in the match its hard to pull off. Just gotta keep practicing!
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Anyone got any tips(techniques) for doing this on pad?
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This is how I help people figure it out. On both pad and stick

step 1: Hold down. Do not stop holding d during the rest of the motion, no matter what I say next.

Step 2:
While doing step 1, do ff+3

This only doesn't make sense if you are lost in theory notation land, ignore all of that just this once and try it. Just do exactly what I just said and your fingers will know what to do. It'll feel slightly awkward doing the ff+3 with the stick or pad held down all the time, but you can still do it because your hand/fingers know what ff+3 means, and the only change is you have to do it with the dpad or stick constantly being held in the d position.

Once you've figured it out and gotten a bit used to doing it, then you can start looking at notations and figuring out how to do it with precision and speed.

But when you are beginning, you need to learn to do it at all, so you get the feel for it.

To do this on ps4 pad fast, on 1p I hold down with the part of my thumb just above the top joint, and press ff with the top part of my thumb with a kind of rolling/rocking motion. The angle of my thumb looks like this "/".
On 2p I have to change the angle of the thumb so its more on the left side of d, still down near the top joint, and then I roll the top of my thumb over bb twice. It looks like more like this "|" and I'm rolling a little this way "\" but not as steep.
Depending on side I want to do it on, my bottom part of my thumb's, just above the top joint, is sort of sitting more on that side of the down, kind of like if you are sitting right at the edge of a bench so you will fall off if you don't balance yourself. You have to use a little force pressing down near the joint to keep the d held down. Don't try to apply pressure with your actual joint though unless you want to fuck your thumb up by getting a callus there.
If you just do a normal df where you press straight down on both with the middle of the thumb, its more difficult to slide back to d without going to n by accidentally letting go of both at the same time, which will bring you back up standing and break the motion. You need the angles so you can have d held down the entire time, always remember step 1.
It's more awkward than pressing b, d, or df normally, and your thumb is going to feel really awkward, but on pad I've never figured out a smoother way to do it fast. I normally use a stick so I haven't really had to bother too much.
(Also this only sounds difficult because I'm having to explain with words a concept i could demonstrate in two seconds if I had a pad to show you in person, so don't be too put off)

If you are using an xbox pad, may god help you, because I can't.

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