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2nd Dan
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From: United Kingdom
PSN: nosboy2k6
#341 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by FutureLion
Name : Lewis
Age : 22
Characters : (hopefully) Bob, Leo, Wang, Ganryu
Player Type : Noob
Nationality: British
Gender : Male
Region : Southampton/Surrey UK
Arcades : None, although can get to Troc & Casino from home

Not playing yet, but hopefully with the release of T6 I can practice and play offline @ meets and arcades, I mainly play VF

Anyone in Southampton area?

My family live in Southampton, What part do you live in dude? :O
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Jack Bauer1 CTU
1st Dan
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XBL: Jack Bauer1 CTU
#342 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Philip
Occupation: Sales agent/actor
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Tekken Characters:Mishimas
Region: England, London
Nationality: British

XBL: Jack Bauer1 CTU
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From: United Kingdom
PSN: zeroeight
#343 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Jethro
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Main: Lars
Sub: Jin
Country: England
Region: Devon/South West
City: Plymouth

I doubt there's anyone on here from Plymouth, but it's worth a shot =P
4th Dan
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From: France
PSN: Jhun_Hoon
#344 “Quote” Edit Post
Plater Name : PeJ
PSN : Jhun_Hoon
Character played : Lei, Yoshi, Baek (beginning)
Style of play : casual, random, drunken lol
Age : 31
Signature Osu !
1st Dan
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From: Switzerland
PSN: Symphonetix
XBL: racoon 4eyes
#345 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Tam
Occupation: food seller X)
Gender: m
Mainchar: Asuka
Region: Zurich, Switzerland
PSN: Symphonetix
XBL: racoon 4eyes
Nationality: Swiss ^___^
Origine: Thai ^___^/
Play style: passionate and solid

I prefer offline matches >.>!
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6th Dan
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From: Romania
PSN: Ro-nanN1
XBL: RonanN1
#346 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Viorel
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Tekken Characters: Alisa Bosconovitch
Region: Romania, Cluj
Nationality: Romanian

XBL: RonanN1
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From: United Kingdom
PSN: Liono_Meridien
XBL: lion-o psn 2
#347 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Ozzy Aka Liono
Occupation: Kingston uni studying philosophy with media
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Tekken Characters: TTT: law and Lei, T4:lei n kwarang , T5: Lei and law t5 dr lei and law t6 lei n law
Region: east London! (gunshots)
Nationality: pakyow

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Greek Prince
4th Dan
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From: United Kingdom
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#348 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: George
Occupation: University
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Tekken Character: Paul Phoenix
Region: England, London
Nationality: Greek (Or does my username give it away? )
Fujiwara Sky
7th Dan
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From: Norway
PSN: Sky_Fujiwara
#349 “Quote” Edit Post
LOL gun shots..
Signature because Jin is not high-tier, we Jin players rely on our own knowledge of our own character, the opponent's character, and the tekken gaming engine to win our matches, and not some bogus one-size-fits-all move or some sort of foolproof flowchart strategy that everyone else seems to have. and because Jin is not low-tier, we cannot blame and rant about tiers and imbalance the same way yoshi and bear players do. if we win, it's us. if we lose, it's us. ~CorpseThrust200
2nd Dan
Joined: Aug 2010
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From: Belgium
PSN: Angerus-1337
XBL: Angerus
#350 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Angelo
Occupation: Student
Player Type : combo-licious
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Tekken Characters: Yoshimitsu, Law , Roger , Devil Jin
Region: Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Failures: grapplers and pauls

PSN = Angerus-1337
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1st Dan
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From: France
PSN: solidjin31
XBL: pfff
#351 “Quote” Edit Post
Name : Mustapha
Age : 22
Characters :
Nationality: Algerian
Gender : Male
Region : Toulouse/france
Arcades : toulouse neoarcadia

This is my first post
War Lord
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From: Malta
#352 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Christian
Age: 16 <--- youngest one
Occupation: Student
Main characters : Hwoarang, Steve, Lars, Nina, Baek.
Hates: Heihachi
Region: Malta
Nationality : Maltese
Arcades: N/A, we don't got any, last one was T3 ( shitty country )
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#353 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Johann
Occupation: Student / real estate manager
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Tekken Characters: T1-T6 Lee, T3 Yoshimitsu, T6 Lars
Player Type: Berserker / Balanced attack & defense
Likes: My girlfriend, Power, Gym training, Jogging, Martial Arts, Fashion / clothes

Likes (Tekken characters): Lee Chaolan, Lars Alexandersson, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Anna Williams, Yoshimitsu & (Kuma)
Dislikes (Tekken characters): Alisa Bosconovitch, Bob, Leo Kliesen, Marshall Law, Steve Fox

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XBL: What ?
#354 “Quote” Edit Post
Nickname : Loki
Name : Laurent
Age : 24
Gender : Male
City : Paris
Occupation : Manager

~ Chars ~
Tekken 2 : Paul
Tekken 3 : Bryan
Tekken 5DR : Bryan, Dragunov, Paul
Tekken 6BR : Paul, Dragunov, Bryan
TT2 (^^) : Paul, Bryan FTW.

Play Style : Turtle, turtle, turtle, turtle, Death Fist !
Whiff and die trying
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From: Denmark
PSN: Adnanish
#355 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Lacuna_Loki

Play Style : Turtle, turtle, turtle, turtle, Death Fist !

loool, cracked me up, and its actually true, its a bitch to handle
Joined: Nov 2005
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From: United Kingdom
#356 “Quote” Edit Post
Nickname:Clever, Clevergamer
City: Leytonstone(London)
Occupation: Sales person

Character: Been using Jack and Yoshi T5
T6BR Jack

Playing style: Turtle
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#357 “Quote” Edit Post
No one reads this crap
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#358 “Quote” Edit Post
name: Joshua
nickname: ghirlanda/polar (ctr <3)
d.o.b: 2/26/1992( when i edited this post i was 18)
country: italy
nationality: italian altough my name is english
city: varese, near milan
occupation: student at Bocconi university(economics)
t5dr: roger jr, heihachi, lili, jin.
t6: roger jr, asuka, armor king, dragunov
playing style: roger=all around, depends on matchup. By far my strongest char
Asuka=always in search of ch
Dragunov= still developing a style
Always play with my capt america' stick

Last edited by ghirlanda on Jan 8th, 2012 at 16:46

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From: Sweden
#359 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Eddie
Nickname: Eongen
Gender: Male
Natiionality: Sweden
City: ?stersund
T3: Heihachi, Jin
TTT: , Jin
T4: Jin
T5DR: , Eddy
T6BR: ,

Player Style: Defensive with AMK . Offensive with Anna.
Strengths: Plays it safe.
Weaknesses: Baits to much
Hates: Bears, Lili, Bob...
Novi Glitzko
1st Dan
Joined: Dec 2009
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From: Ireland
PSN: novi_glitzko
#360 “Quote” Edit Post
Name: Donal
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish
Characters: Yoshimitsu, Paul, Armor King (T6)
Playing Style: I have no idea
Hates: Alisa, Lili, Zafina, Kuma
Signature Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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