Bruce's Top 10 Moves

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Originally posted by Adnanish
I use mostly ff4 mostly for cancel shenanigans but I do get w! Often.

Knee uses f,f+4 cancel all the time. From his latest DM w/ Hao, I think his success rate with f,f+4 cancel into a 50/50 was easily over 80%.
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What were the options used out of that particular 50/50?
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Originally posted by MCP
What were the options used out of that particular 50/50?

FC df+4 / hopkick / WS+3 / WS+1 I'm presuming???
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i need a bruce sensei plz add mi on psn shisui_da_villan
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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
1. b+2
2. d/f+4 MTC
3. d/f+1
4. CD+2
5. 4
6. wr3
7. 3
8. d4
9. ss 1+2
10. ws2,1
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b+2 = safe, mid, can't parry, counter hit launch, KND on normal hit. oki mix up after,

1,4,3 = High DMG 10f Punisher, 1,4 itself is good.

df+2 = elbow so can't parry, LAUNCHES CROUCHERS.

f,qcf+1 = sets up things nicely. safe. good recovery around -3 or 4. 9/10 times they try and punish it for some reason. I usually sidestep after and hopkick or b,f+4 lol.

b,f+4 = SAFE launch. Knee so no parry, mid, high dmg combo. high tag launcher, partner can delay hopkick and bound.

Magic 4 = self explanatory.

3 = checks your opponent. safe. mid. far reaching. CH confirm for knockdown/wallsplat.

b+1,2,1 = high dmg 11f CH knockdown/wallsplat. So easy to hit confirm.

f+3+4 = safe wallsplat after wall combo. mix it up with something that makes them wanna duck. have them guess wrong.

f,qcf+3 = annoying high DMG low. mix it up with f,qcf+2 for a guessing game. +1 to +2 on normal hit.

db+3+4 = LONG range hitting low, seriously, go to practice mode, and do this move repeatedly on the computer until it stops reaching. look how far you are from the computer. CH launcher. Tracks well. +3 on hit.

Odd one: d+3,4,f = I LOVE this move. low hit CH confirm, AND taggable. Idk about 4,f by itself though.

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CD 3 +1 on normal hit? Dafuq are you smoking? I wish it was.

Its +4 on NH and CH.
Also its not universally launchable on block at -14.

Anyway my top 10, no order:

Black 2
3 series
CD 2
CD 3
Df 1, 2
Df 1, 4
FC df 4
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Good day!
Today I decided to write my TOP 10 moves, finally!
P.S. Any mistakes? Oh, it's okay, I'd like to revice them. Thanks in advance!

No order. Let's begin.

1. f+1+2 - nice i17 whiff-punisher, high, save (gives positive frame(s) on block), KD on hit (follow ups up to 50+ dmg are guaranteed, eg. b+2, CD+2, f,f+4, etc.).
2. f,f+3 - i23, mid, save (-3 on block), KD on hit. Good TA! filler & ender.
3. CD+1 - i12, mid, save (-4 on block), +7 on hit. CD+1,2 is a 27 dmg punisher & CD+1,4 - TA! filler.
4. 1,4 - i10 punisher, high,high, save (-4 on block, jails), +7 on the last hit. 1,4,3 is a 34 dmg punisher.
5. b+4 - i14, mid, save (-5 on block), +6 on hit. You can use b+4,3 as a punisher, b+4,3,4 as a TA! filler.
6. WS+1 - i13, mid, save (-6 on block?), +5 on hit. Guaranteed i10~13 follow-ups on CH, eg. 1,4,3, f+2,4, ect.
7. 3 - i13 poke, mid, save (-8 on block), +3 on hit. You can use 3,3 as TA! filler.
8. b,f+4 - i19 launcher for 90+ dmg juggles, mid, save (-8 on block).
9. b+1,2 - i11 punisher, high,high, save (-9 on block), +2 on hit. The whole string b+1,2,1 is guaranteed on CH, TA! filler also.
10. b+2 - i17, mid, save (-9 on block, but if you don't hold BACK button to block, you'll "eat" jab-combos), KD on hit. Free CD+3 after hit. Juggle-starter on CH for 90+ dmg juggles. Unfortunately, Kuni's f,f+4 punishes this move.

It's all, for now.

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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
I haven't played Bruce for a long time but I'll give my input
In no particular order:

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#30 “Quote” Edit Post
I just got my Bruce to Seiryu online on XBL! I feel ready to make a top ten!

10. df+1,(4_2,1)
I like to use either the low or the second and third hits of Bruce's Dillinger Hanuman df+1 string. I rarely use the last hit, since it is not a combo and is -12. Still, the last hit does wallsplat on normal hit. A pretty good string, for its tracking, if nothing else. A bit slow at 16f though.

9. 1,2,1
Many characters have a 1,2 followed by a safe mid, like Law 1,2,f+2 or Bryan's 1,2,1. Bruce does not, but the final hit, 1,2,1,2, being a wallsplatting knockdown and -12 makes up for it. I often use just 1,2,1 to poke.

8. db+3+4
A great okizeme tool, a CH launcher for over half, and EXTREMELY safe! -12! I like it for its safety more than anything, really, but the damage is good too.

7. 4
If Bruce had no standing 12 frame CH 4 he would be a very different character. This is an essential get off me tool. Just the fact that it exhists makes players hesitate sometimes.

6. f+3+4
A 16f safe mid wallsplat? Definitely top ten!

5. uf+4
I use his hopkick alot.

4. df+4
His primary poke, really. Too bad he can not just use df+4 without the stance, but still, very useful.

3. 3,2
The second hit of 3,2 is important to mask the use of 3,2,f,3 or 3,2,f,2 mixups. -12 is not too bad. Just delay it a bit to further make it hard to see. VERY delayable.

2, CD+3
Second only to, of course, b+2. CD+3 is Bruce's mixup. Without it, opponents have little reason to duck, really. His other lows are not scary enough to make players duck. Grabs tend to be important with Bruce as a result. Good damage, and very long range. -14, worse on block in TTT2 now, however, so be careful about that. Maybe use db+3+4 instead VS Jin and Bob.

1. b+2
Of course, THE threat. Toss it out and see what happens. If it hits on counter-hit, close your eyes and mash on some the time you open them again, they should be KOed.

Looking at Bruce's movelist, I see many, many moves I never use. Using f+3+4 and lows at the wall, CD+3 and db+3+4 mixed with his great mid launchers for oki, and the odd poking tool, he is a fairly simple and complete character.

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