Ling top 10 moves discussion thread.

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lol i moved to santa barbara like in 2002. i just stopped goin to la as often when t6 came out. but its all good, tekken is online! online is for winners, ask jt.
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Originally posted by JMS
lol i moved to santa barbara like in 2002. i just stopped goin to la as often when t6 came out. but its all good, tekken is online! online is for winners, ask jt.

ROFL!!! This makes me want to change my sig!
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Originally posted by JMS
lol i moved to santa barbara like in 2002. i just stopped goin to la as often when t6 came out. but its all good, tekken is online! online is for winners, ask jt.

online is a great place to steal player's setups
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Originally posted by Calsonic
online is a great place to steal player's setups

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- 1, d+2 [,1+2] and 1, D+2 [,1+2] <-- Delayable second hit is excellent against counter pokers for ch combo (punishable, though)
- d/f+1 and D/F+1
- f, f+3 <-- Random spacing + free combo against people who can't block properly.
- f, f+4
- f, f+1, 3_4_D <-- A lot of people don't punish the 4 variant, and so many people try to duck the second hit for free hits. On CH, f, f+1, 4 -> 4~3 does 1/3 life.
- d/f+2, 1 <-- OMG IT TRACKS. Sometimes throw it out against people who sidewalk at the beginning of the match.
- WS+3 <-- Really good pressure tool against turtles.
- WS+2
- SS+3 <-- So many setups. I rarely cancel.
- FC d/f+4 [,4] <-- Combine with a syncopated rhythm and u+4 and you have really annoyed turtles
- u/f+3+4 <-- REALLY fast, safe on block low crush. Good option when you're low on health sense a low poke coming.

- AoP f+4 <-- Combine with a syncopated rhythm and u+4 and you have really annoyed turtles
- AoP 4~3 <-- A good, pretty darn safe attack option when you have a mediocre AoP setup. Good range.
- AoP u/f+3, [3_1_4] <-- I tend to use 3, 3, but mix it with 3, 1 or nothing to train the opponent to guess wrong.
- AoP f+3+4
- AoP u+4 [,4] <-- God this move is good for backdash punishing.

- 4
- Roo Kick
- b+3+4

Sorry, it's not 10. I'd actually list more if I had time.

I personally find SS+4 to be of only occasional use in this game as opposed to previous ones - there are so many good setups for SS+3... then again, I'm in Japan where people constantly turtle and no one blocks lows. -_-

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No particular order!


2) ss+4

3) ff+1_ff+1~d_ff+1,3_ff+1,4

4) df+2~1

5) uf+3

6) uf+3+4 (especially when enemy has his/her back against the wall)

7) df+1

8) AOP+4~3

9) 4~3

10) ff+3

i liek bumpz

Edit: But damnz, I have to squeeze in 11) ws+2. Fucking awesome move imo.
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My top 10 for ling would be...
in no particular order

1.) 1, d+2/ 1, D+2
- 10 frame punisher, good frames on block or hit, delayable for CH fishing, can lead to backturned mix-ups, allows for backturn retreat setups
2.) df+2~1
- 15 frame punisher with good range, fairly good tracking to both sides O.o, juggles starter, -12 frames only on block
3.) f+1+2
- 12 frame punisher (solved her punishing weakness), good range, wall splats
4.) b+4,4
- 14 frame punisher , good range, tracks to her right side
5.) uf+3
- Hopkick!!! 16 frame low-crush, punisher for blocked lows that can't be WS 2*
6.) df+1/DF+1
- 14 frame instant high crush, good frames on block and hit, can lead to backturned mixups, tracks fairly well to one side, allows backturn retreat setups
7.) WS 2/WS 2~f
- 13 frame counter-hit launcher, good frames on block or hit, good for backturned retreats, can lead to backturned mixups
8.) SS 4
- Low counter-hit launcher, deceptive range, good risk-reward ratio
9.) ff+3
- Very good advancing move, can be used to fish for counterhit to backturned 4, safe when backturned canceled, can lead to backturned mix-up, allows backturn retreat setups, manages space between xiaoyu and her opponent.

10.) Art of Pheonix/ d+1+2
- one of the best stance in the game, 16 frames to activate, 12 frames when done from crouching position, evades highs without question, evades mids depending on the animation, can even duck more mids by pressing D, built in sidestep coupled with ssr allows her to be an evasive monster --> can evade lows that normally cant be sidesteped, compliments all her moveset by creating fear for the opponent to retaliate, can be canceled by pressing U to allow blocking --> can be used to taunt the opponent, a stance with a huge variety of good moves

a.) uf+3 - evade to launch!
b.) uf+3,3 - safe launcher on block
c.) 4~3 - low, tracks well, fairly safe on block
d.) D+1+2 - safe class 1 launcher
e.) u+4 - tracking poke, safe, recovers crouching
f.) b+3+4 - cancel to Backturned for mixups
g.) 4 - 12 frame mid, ground hit, used for wall combo


Definitely more "top 10" moves tho. Xiaoyu's moveset allows her to be such a versatile character that she can be played many different ways. This makes her "Top 10" moves change depending on how safe or how flashy or risky she is played. She can be played differently to put the opponent off balance aswell.


RDS or Backturned Stance
- Actually should be up there since it , same as aop, cannot be removed from xiaoyu as a character. As it is the one responsible for her juggles and a fair amount of her mixups, movement coupled with backturn creates chances for confusion.

BOUND moves
- Of course not to forget her bound moves which as well should be up there. ff+1, BT 2~2, uf+4, AOP uf+3,1, uf+3+4, uf+1+2 are pretty much her usable bound moves.

- mid move that hits grounded and juggles on counter hit. Another move that should actually be up there. Great for oki setups

- unblockable low (parryable and no damage), plus 3 frames on hit or block, used for refloat setups
- 11 frame Magic 4 for interrupting pitbullers, plus frames on normal hit, leads to juggle on CH., panic move

Generic d+4
- another move that should be up there, allows for instant low to while standing or AOP setups. Good reach, a move all xiaoyu users should be using.

- low move, huge advantage on hit, tracks well to both sides, only negative is that it is slow to startup

- low, very very very long reach, on counter hit FC+3,2,1 is guaranteed

RDS or Backturned 1+2
- safe mid option for backturned mixups, 1+2,1+2 big hit confirm window is awsome

RDS or Backturned b+3
- 10 frame high kick to interrupt people who try to attack her during backturned

RDS or Backturned 2~2,1
- 12 frames, All hits are NC, Huge damage

RDS or Backturned d+3/D+3
- Low option from backturned, juggles on counterhit

RDS or Backturned 4
- 14 frame launcher, very risky move, juggle starter, good but used sparringly (eg. whiff with bt b+3+4), used for tech trap setups (eg. wall to jump over)

RDS or Backturned f+3+4,3+4
- Unsafe launcher when blocked, used to evade highs and some mids for people who try to attack Xiaoyu while shes backturned, very situational and risky, combo filler/ender, full tracks both sides

- 9 frame punisher 0.o (eg. hwoarangs uf+3+4), very good frame trap interrupter, plus frames on hit, panic move

Hypnotist 2
- Can be mixuped with throw or ss 4. Good frames on block allowing numerous setups, can be charged to 3 steps granting free moves on block (eg. db+1), good to use on wall when opponent is recovering

- VERY GOOD counterhit damage as all is NCc, wall splats, only -10 frames on block, when opponent is behind the wall it creates enough pushback for it to be safe on block

- very good range for a low crush move , safe on block, allows for backturned setups, can be used to bound, wall splats

XMTS /ff+1+2,1+2
- oldie but still a goodie, good range, big damage, Natural combo, can be used to end combos, floor breaks

- can be used to counter-hit as it is NCc, wall splats, good for ending combos to wall and at wall, fast recover gives a number of setups when used at wall (eg. hypnotist 2)

ff+1,3 or ff+1,4
- can be used to track sidesteppers, ff+1,3 mid, high can be ducked on block, safe on block, Nc on hit, wall splats. ff+1,4 mid, mid can be used for people who duck the latter, -10 on block, NCc, juggle starter

- mid, safe, good alternative to mix-up with SS 4, guaranteed 4~3 in open field, can be bounded when opponent is behind a wall.

SS 3
- low juggle starter, negative is that its very very very slow, good for whiffing for big damage, can be canceled to backturned for mixup

WS 4
- 11 frames, safe, one of the few WS 4s that knockdown, setup tool

WR 3
- Plus on block, can be done close of far, leads to AOP, Juggles on Counter Hit, only negative is that it tracks poorly and can be stepped or sidewalked to both sides

Xiaoyu has so much situational yet effective moves that a "Top 10" list just cant give her moveset justice. She can also answer many character specific traps just because of her moveset versatility. Its hard to make a "top 10" list thinking that you missed to put one move in the top 10 then have to replace another. LOL sorry if it turned out like an incomplete move analysis, couldnt stop myself from adding and adding.

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Well my top 10




5.u/f or u+4

6.Random F+1+2


8.aop,u/f+4, or u/f+4,4

9.aop~f ws+ect
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#70 “Quote” Edit Post
1. 1,2\1,d+2
2. 2,1
3. ff+2,1
4. d/f+2~1
5. d+3,4
6. WS+2
7. ff+1+2\XMTS #1
8. d/f+1
9. d/f+4 #2
10. f+1+2
Bonus. f+3,1,1+2 #3

#1. Best momentum mid poke giving -2 on block.
#2. Very strong when used as a defensive or annoyance poke.
#3. Excellent at handling parries and reversals.
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1, d+2
f+3, 1, 1+2
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Hmm... I'd have to say

Not including Pheonix stance or Raindance f,3+4 as moves.... Or they'd probably be in the top 10 otherwise....

1. u/f+4
2. d/f+1
3. 1, d+2
4. XMS
5. d+3

6. b+2
7. Raindance f,f 3+4
8. WS+2
9. ff+3
10. Raindance 1+2

11. d/f 2~1 , just because I need to list a launcher
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Well, I'm only a casual player, I am by no means on your level guys so you may be "wtf" when you see this but here's my top ten! These aren't in order by the way. Damn, only ten!!!

Top 10

1) db1: Pretty safe. Deals quite a lot of damage for Ling with one hit. Sends the opponent faaaaaaar away. Funny taunt (which can be cancelled by pressing any button) on CH.

2) df1/DF1: Safe, fast mid poke. High crush, can end in RDS or not.

3) ff3: It's fast. It ends in RDS. It's a middle that can hit standing, crouching, grounded and jumping opponents. This move saved my butt too many times for me to count and I don't recall it putting me in trouble.

5) AOP f4,4 and his twin brother, FC df 4,4: I use those lows a lot. High crush. If you do only one hit, Xiaoyu ends up in AOP whether you started from there or not, so you can mess up the opponent a bit when he's expecting the second low kick to come out.

6) df 1+2 (I can't find the stupid little wave meaning "quickly" on my keyboard): Her main lauch and one of her very few that doesn't require her to go into a stance.

7) AOP 2, 1: Good damage, first hit is really fast, second hit pushes the opponent very far and is delayable.

8) b 4,4: Remember that Frank's Red Hot Sauce lady who said "I put that *BEEP* on everything"? Well, this move is my Frank's Red Hot Sauce: I use that *BEEP* every round. MUCH better than her old b4, good to punish your opponent, interesting damage, second hit can be delayed.

9) XMTS: you aren't a Ling if you're not using this! Good damage, safe, second hit launches on CH. One of Xiaoyu's signature moves. And I'm giving it bonus points because it looks so damn stylish.

10) f 1+2: Doesn't have lots of range but it's a good new punisher for Xiaoyu!

Ok, you guys are great moves, but there were only 10 spots (honourable mentions):

ff 1 options: ff 1,4 puts the opponent on the ground near you so you can hit again on the ground for extra damage, ff1,3 sends them faaar away, and ff1d ends in AOP. Gotta love that.

b 2,2: Both hits end in RDS. Second hit is low and pretty sneaky, just don't use it too often because the opponent gets used to it, and you get owned. Well, I do.

fff3: Ling'x running kick ending in AOP is like, wow. I about wet my pants when I did it for the first time. This can even lead to a juggle.

RDS 2,2,1: NC, I tend to do this a lot. Can end into AOP if you press down.

D1: My main way to get into AOP.

RDS 4: Fast lauching kick for Xiaoyu. I love using that one!
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4: RDS ff+1
5: u+f+1+2~b
7: hop kick
8: RDS b+3+4
9: u+f+3+4
10: d+f+2

also..ever since i've learned the wall run move i feel tempted to do it everytime i'm near a wall and it's saved me numerous times. so it's a honorable mention for me
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0. Df1
1. 4
2. Ff3
3. B4
4. U12 series
5. Aop 43
6. Aop uf334
7. Ws2
8. Db4
9. Rds 12
10. Rds throws!
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whats so good about b4
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tracks right. it's her max damage 14f. That's it.

b+4 = jab punishable on block. Not great to keep people from stepping right.
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you sure b4 is i14 and not i13?
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Its all good keep out and good v. Ss left, which is shitty for lings other moves ... and psych mix up on hit or bloc if people want to duck the second hit.
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what frames on hit?

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