How do you do his teleport counter?
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Shin Kai
1st Dan
Joined: Jun 2012
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From: United Kingdom
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I accidentally did a pretty cool teleport counter attack move in a match he fell from the air doing his unblockable punch or some other attack, is it done form his back+1+3 parry? if so I've had no luck trying it again in practise with that move vs recorded cpu attacks.

Any idea how i did it? and it definitely wasn't from HAZE, unless like yoshimitsu's kincho stance counter attack, haze has one too on the 1st 2 frames that I don't know about.
Mr Adam0
Dirty Ninja Tricks
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You probably got hit during the starting frames of 1+2. Please use the QnA topic next time instead of making a thread for questions like these.
Shin Kai
1st Dan
Joined: Jun 2012
Posts: 10
From: United Kingdom
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Ok, sorry.

I'll try that out now, thanks.

EDIT: nope, doesn't appear to be that either.
Tekken Lord Black
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Mods please lock and hide this thread.

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ok done
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