Accidental infinite combo, can't repeat - advise?

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Hey guys,
I was playing with Kazuya in ghost mode the other day and I can't really recall what move I started with but I knocked my opponent down in a way he was bouncing, the sort of stuff that's useful for bound moves, I followed up with ff+3 and it caused the enemy to bounce the same away again, I did a 3rd time and realized I caught my enemy in a loop, I can't recall what was the first move, but following it with an infinite amount of ff+3 was causing it to bounce on the floor defenseless again and again.
I finished that round with a perfect always doing that, cause I was really curious to learn if I truly could exploit this like that. and I could, but I was not able to do it again since, cause I can't recall my initial move to knock down my opponent.
I was fighting against Heihachi, so this was not some big guy glitch (like comboing Kuma and True Ogre can be different from comboing normal sized opponents.) I would really like to find out how I started the string in the first place since I really can't recall and was not able to repeat, all the knocked down opponents that I tried to follow with ff+3 didn't have the same infinite bounce effect and would easily get up and block the second ff+3 since the first was not bouncing them like I intended.
If you guys want to give this a try and give me some feedback that would great.
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Sounds like that ghost opponent just kept rolling backwards.
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