TTT2 Ganryu Compilation Thread

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You guys know about full combo from OBT d/f+2+3 right? I didn't see it posted.

FC d/b+1 (duck jab) WS 1, 2,1,2 B! d/f+4,1,2 75 dmg.

You can hit d/f+2+3 on a BT opponent after b, f+1 or OBT d/f+1,4,1 if they hold B to turn around.
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nice, I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing.

OBT df1,4,1 isn't guaranteed though - can duck the last hit and launch
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I thought after Thunder Palm, WS 1 worked in the back for a float? Or maybe I'm thinking of on Bears and TO on the front.
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