Dr. Bosconovitch top 10 moves

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No order:
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1- db+2
2- df+1
3- db+4
4- b+1+2
5- PND 4
6- PND 2
7- fff+1+2
8- b+3+4~PND
9- ws+1 BT
10- b+4

I think the universal momentum killer should be there (db+1), but it's too generic to be included in the list
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-d/b+2: Launch on CH, good frames on normal hit, safe on block and you can b+1+2 parry i10 jab retaliation after. Crushes on start. Pretty solid all around move.

-b+1,2: This is solid as a i12 punisher, goes into MAD mixup.

-f,f+3+4: Has a pretty ridiculous hitbox and moves forward fast. Great for catching sloppy backdash and just to throw out occasionally.

-f,f+2,1: First hit is a homing mid, NC, both hits punishable on block, though not severaly.

-d/f+2: He kinda has to use this for damage.

-f+1+4: covers a lot of forward ground. Safe.

-d/b+4: Good range and quick. This has been my go to low.

-f,f+4: Mid combo starter that is tough for some people to punish.

-d+1+2: Mid that's +4 on block, but a little on the slow side. W!

-d+2: good range fairly quick mid that gives good frames on hit, grounds on CH and is safe on block.
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While I am sure my opinions will change down the line, it'll be interesting to see how much it will change as I learn more about his style.

d/f+2 - wish it had more range

d/b+1,2 - the optional last hit adds good range

f,f,f+1+2 - closes space real well with amazing range

f,f+3+4 - nice back roll catch

f,f+4>2 - very good all around mid

d+4 into MAD - instant 50/50 starter

d+3+4 into ZEN - excellent high crush into options/whiff punishment

MAD 2 - the stance would be too risky without this unstoppable mid that can't be launched on block

b+3+4~PND 4 - good spacing tool for whiff punishing (use ~PND 2 instead to counter strings)

b+1+2 - guaranteed damage to aggressive punch pokers; huge capture window, which is good and bad. Use conservatively.

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