Bryan solo juggles

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Originally posted by omara190
How do you get qcb+2,4 to land post bound? It always whiffs for me after I dash.

YOu gotta dash immediately after the recovery of qcb+2,4

also for 81 damage you can do

uf+4, 1+2, db+2, f+4,1 B! uf+3, f+1, ff+2

tested it on Xiaoyu.
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y'all (or at least Jimmy) prolly know this, but

CH 4, f+1, b+3~f,4,1, f+4,1 B! is easy peasy after the first jab.

df+2,3 for brain-dead post bound does 73, which matches the qcb+2,4, iws+3,db+2,ff+2 damage
finishing with uf+3,ff+2 (moderately difficult) does 79

if you're tag assaulting, it prolly depends on partner, but something like raven b+1+2,3 would probably be ideal with that many hits involved.
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Interesting combo, Dinosaur. I had to try it out for myself and it is pretty simple.
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I'm only seeing this combo now. It's handy out. Good find Dinosaur!
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I just found 91 with Fisherman's.

ws2~f+2, qcf+3, 2, qcb+2,4 B! dash qcb+2,4

89 Solo with f+1 jab. With Drag I got 106 with (TA f+4,4,3) bry taunt dash f,f+2
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Hi. What r combos you guys do on BT oponent after f,b+2 ?
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fb2 f1+2 1 qcb2,4 B! qcb2,4 75dmg (72dmg with f4,1 as bound)
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