Kuma's place in the tier (TTT2)

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I have been playing TTT2 for a while and it seems Kuma often gets placed incredibly low in tier lists for this installment of the game.

I swear Kuma is A+ tier. He's got the electric with df2,1; rolling Mishima 50/50 mixup which is basically like the Mishimas wavedash mix-up; All his mids are pretty much safe, all of them also come out at like 5-6 frames; EASILY has the most damaging lows in the game; does tons of damage on open field; every poke has tracking AND range AND huge hitboxes - need I say more? Seriously confuses me why ends up at the bottom of all tier lists. If someone who has good knowledge on Tekken and tier positions could help me I would be incredibly grateful.
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I've heard his db4 is +5 on block. Pretty good.
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if i had to pick one, it would be Steve
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