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#321 “Quote” Edit Post
Feng is a distant second in similarity to Lei. He's far more straight forward and of course has no animal or ground stances, but Feng...

- has a mini Razor Rush (with no low ender)
- has a Rave Sweep variant (needs to SS)
- can go into BT (without creating space though)
- creates good space with a stance (not in BT)
- has a long range pop-up kick to punish whiffs
- has no ground stances, but can hop to his feet after a KD for a juggle on hit

No one has as many boxes checked off as him I think. And it still isn't close to be the same thing because they play so differently from one another.
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#322 “Quote” Edit Post
Feng and lei similar things

BT throws: both have them and can set them up.
Feng' safe better because he has a 1+2 throw from BT

Both have long range mids and lows
Feng's db3 low
Lei's FC df2 low
Feng's f3 mid
Lei's f3 mid

Both can tag out mid combo or end combo

As well as what shauno mentioned.

Feng has a great CH tool at i10.
CH b1 into b+1+2
Lei has nothing that compares to that.

Lei has one of the highest solo open field reliable damage in the game.
Feng is on the other side of that.

Feng has notable good TA fillers in open
Lei...has okay at best. Often I'd say, not bad.

Lei has some of the best TA fillers at the wall.
Feng's are okay.

Feng has great jab range.
Lei's are short.

Feng has a great i13 wall splat.
Lei has to wait until i15 for a okay splat.

Etc etc
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#323 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm hoping lei gets added man, no one on the current cast comes close to replacing him. I should however mention that Yoshi has some similarities, the fun factor being the biggest, even though they play pretty damned differently.

-Yoshi has a bunch of stances and can cycle between them or transition into them with various moves (which gives another layer of options that most characters don't have). Although the stances are VERY different to lei's, they can be used to cause hesitation in the same way and both characters have good tools to capitalize on hesitation.

-They are both meant to be tricky and have a large number of offensive and defensive options. Yoshi needs to use a large variety of moves to an even greater extent as he doesn't have a razor rush equivalent.

-They can both benefit greatly from opponent inexperience, thus the skills used to sniff out and exploit gaps in an opponent's knowledge would transfer over.

-Yoshi's bt game is somewhat similar to lei's and he has several ways to get into bt, particularly his meditation stance, which has very similar options to lei's b+3+4: MED b~db, covers a bunch of distance to cause whiffs and you can do all of his bt moves by buffering an f input. Of course, Yoshi's bt lows aren't nearly as good.

-Yoshi's cd+1 is probably the closest thing in the game to lei's ff+3.

-Yoshi's b+2,2 will punish the same things that lei's f+3,1 will.

-On the back, Yoshi's b+2,1 is about as devastating as Lei's f+3,1,2

-Their hitboxes are the same.

-They both have fast safe mid homing wallsplat moves

-Yoshi's NSS df+2 is identical to lei's df+2 and he will have it in 1SS in T7.

-They are the only two characters that can heal themselves

-They both have unique options to deal with certain things easily. Like getting away from unblockable tackles easily or tagging in and out (won't matter in T7)

-You could pretend that yoshi's db+2,2,2,2 is like lei's razor rush...
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#324 “Quote” Edit Post
Lei doesn't have a safe homing move though. Both are -10. Df3 is nearly safe because of push back but bob can reach it almost always and jack can reach it if push back is small.

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