Lei stance transitions
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i was hopin to start a post about this, im new to the zaibatsu community and i dont know if its been tried already or not, i know it seems like a grueling task but i feel like this would help out alot.

id like the format to end in the stance that it transitions into other then that not too worried about it.
Format example:
1. f,F+4 3+4~F(crane stance)

heres what i have found out:

1. fF+4 3+4~F(crane stance)
2. fF+4 3+4~B(phoenix illusion)
3. b+3~B(phoenix illusion)
4. ss 2_ ss 22~B(back turned)
5. d+44~F(drunkwalk)
6. f+1+2~F(crane)
7. f+2,1~F(drunkwalk)
8. 3~B(phoenix illusion)
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we did that work some month ago already^^
all stance transitions can be found in the lei general guide thread under (8) STANCE TRANSITIONS

youll be surprised how many there actually are


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