TTT2 Alisa Combo Thread

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Only one guy has posted some and combos, and I believe it was in a Dragunov thread. Since they're my main team, I have some more combos.

b+3+4,3+4,5 TA! f+4,4,3__f+1,uf+2,3
b+3+4,3+4,5 TA! 3,1,2__ff+3,4,4 (if you get W! follow up with ff+1+2,1+2)
b+3+4,f+2,f+1,b+4,3, 5 TA f+4,4,3__WR2


Qcf2,(f+3 CC 1)x2,f+3 CC 4,3,5 TA! db+4__ff+3

Note:you can use f+2,4 instead of the first f+3 CC1. It adds some damage and is simpler, but doesn't work on all characters like :any female, king, hwoarang, lee.... Works on bigger targets, will test this further.

Qcf2, b+1+2,5 TA! Ws2, 3+4 FLY 1,2,1,3+4__WR f+3 df WS 1+2
I will add more combos once I return from vacation.

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