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Originally posted by Tick
Winner's Bracket Round 2 from Chicago this past weekend:

Sluch vs. Tick

I finished second but I have no other videos of my matches. :-/

I probably played my most solid tournament to date. As you can see in the above video, I was a lot more willing to let loose and play risky, but it pays off here, as is often the case when you're playing someone without a wealth of anti-Baek knowledge.
I too have got some very good matches unrecorded and some very bad matches up on yt =/ But you played very good in that vid. Counting all the CH's, Sluch didn't really have that much Baek knowledge...
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Originally posted by Budding Fighter
Keep guessing, till my db+3,3~f damage accumulates, idiot.
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I finished 2nd in our midwest 'major' this past weekend. I was on the cusp of winning several times but couldn't pull it out. All my matches after winner's round 2 are posted. All games are best-of-5.

WB Round 3 - Tick vs. SwiftDemon

I'm up 1-0 when this match starts.

WB Round 4 - Tick vs. JodyThaGreat (DatBoySTL)

WB Finals - Tick vs. Sluch

Grand Finals Set 1 - Tick vs. TreyPhoenix

Grand Finals Set 2 - Tick vs. TreyPhoenix

The Tekken scene has died a bit as the year has progressed, so I didn't feel very sharp in this tournament. It shows in my lack of punishing especially. I also start dropping combos again, which I used to be notorious for, but I managed to keep it together until the pressure got to me a bit in the finals.

Going into this tournament I tried to keep it simple by focusing on my biggest weaknesses - whiffing too much, and getting launched when I shouldn't be. As a result, I ate a lot more lows than I normally would, but I was willing to take this damage in lieu of winding up in the air and getting caught up at the wall.

I was also a lot more willing to use crappy strings and just see if they worked. You'll see a TON of d+4,3,3 strings in these vids, because I really didn't get punished too much outside of the match vs. SwiftDemon. If it works, stick with it.

I've also been incorporating d/b+2 into my game a lot more, and I whored the flamingo throw all day as well. 4~4 is probably my new favorite move.

So, not my best play, but I had my best tourney result so far. I can't really get any closer to winning a tournament without actually winning it than I did on this day. Next time!

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