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Originally posted by Junon_FD
You'll have to cancel run with b, n, 3~4. But try experimenting with a running CD1, it works wonders

For sword sweep, my understanding is FC df1 has better tracking and slightly better range. FC b1 comes out 1f faster, and has slightly shorter range and worse tracking. The uses are situational, I use it primarily as a tech trap. But just make sure you're in full crouch prior to input and you'll be golden.

Aldrin, I don't know frames, so I can't help with bt uf4 :x But it is punishable by at least jabs. May be -12? I dunno, frames are silly.

if my memory serves me right the bt u/f+4, is i17 -14 with 5-6 frames of tc.
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newbie question. what are yoshi's moves that can be transitioned to a stance? i'm currently 6 months relearning tekken and started with ling so i guess i can handle yoshi as well? haha! i'm used to move to stance transitioning and use it as a mix up. thanks!

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