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Sup guys!

If this has been posted, forgive me, but I think in any stage where there's a wall,

d/f+1 or d/f+3,d+1... 2, 1,2 vtsc 1,2 vtsc 1,2 seems to be my most staple juggle,

from there...

1.) wall situation : 1,2,3 of course (might add a little dash forward sometimes)
2.) b+1

The oki you get from b+1 isn't much but we're looking at 68+ juggles here.
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u/f1+2, d/b1, WS1,2 is my favorite combo.

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I see that RMK FendRhodes tried to answer your question, which is funny because he has neither a wife nor any life experience with anything other than working at wal mart. I just put him on ignore so I can't see what he said, but I'm sure it's a stupid one line fail at being funny.

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Marduk players accross the nation hear my plea!!!!....Manny Biggz wants a Marduk punishment thread he said he wants something real real real real...something he could recognize something he could feel feel feel feel....really tho whats good with a marduk punishment thread?!
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Uhhh.... Uhhhh.... *stares around nervously*

*whisper* update this please

*runs away*
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Not sure if this is the right place, but

Just wondering what's the timing like for ....vtsc ff+1+2 in a juggle? i can't seem to land it consistently enough. I use df+1_df+3,d+1, 2, df+3,1,2, vtsc ff+1+2 juggle btw. It seems for me that the input should be smooth and continuos (ie no pause) until the end of the 2nd 3+4 and then ff+1+2 fast. But more often than not I get f+1+2 or some other funny shit.

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the combo that nearly all opponants fall for is the diagonal 3,1hold diagonal then tap with 1 then 3,1,2, then get into his low stance by immediately pressing 3+4 then while rising 1+2..great combo trust me!!!!!!
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d/f 3,1 then 1 2 3+4 twice do it and f1+3 grab in the end is good for trap
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