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hehe good thread!
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LOL this was started three years ago.
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Originally posted by Guc11
hehe good thread!
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Heihachi is the reason why I play Tekken.
One of my all time favorite evil bas asses in fighters.
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Originally posted by OrgePwnz
LOL this was started three years ago.

unfortunately, i was here 3 years ago.
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HEIHACHI will always be the king of Tekken.
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Originally posted by blitzball
HEIHACHI will always be the king of Tekken.

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Originally posted by tekken-kingdom
Does anyone have the same thought as me why Heihachi is still alive,well...in perfect condition as if he was 21..???

damn it, his too old to be fighting as good as he is, he owned his son! his son damn it!! and his son is like...in better condition due to age.
you would expect, well maybe jsut me, that Heihachi woulda broken a few bones in 1 MATCH!!! how can an old man to perform a heavy physical stunt and not break his leg...

I ask that question allways lol

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