Jin's Suigetsu Strike question
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Im not understanding with precision how Suigetsu Strice (d/f 1+2) works. I mean, when jin does suigetsu strike hi parry with his left hand and then strikes with his right hand knocking down the enemy. Suigetsu strike parrys punches, but, what kind of punches?

I have been testing to parry several punches of kazuya. suigetsu strike parrys, kazuya's jabs(high), kazuya's ff+2 (high), kazuya's f+1 (middle), kazuyas ff 1+2 (middle), and for example, cant parry wind god fist, or WS 2. I think that it has to be some king of rule in Suigetsu Strike, and i am thinking that only can parry stright punches of some determinated high.

I will be greatful if someone can give me more informations about this awesome atack!

P.D. Now i have seen that i should have made the question in jin's TTT2 Jin Kazama Q&A - Ask a Q, Get an A. I dont know how to erease the post. If someone has the rights to move the post, plese be free to do it.
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It parries mid and high punches. It does parry both EWGF and ws+2 from Kaz, so you must have timed it wrong. No kicks, no elbows, no headbuts. Unfortunately I don't know the frames for the parry window, but it's early in the animation rather than late.

You should take a look at your notations. Kazuya's f+1 is his jab, same as 1, and f,f+1+2 is his stonehead grab, not a mid.

So yeah, next time post in the Q&A thread.
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