remaining characters,I think these will make it #2

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Originally posted by dodecadozen
Just like Heihachi d+2+3 ground smash.
I use that one all the time, specially when the opponent likes to remain laid on the floor awaiting. This serves to put him in the air again for good. However, it is very dangerous using it with the rival already up and close to you. If he doesn't jump, then you of course can proceed to the mind game that comes after the move stuns him.
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Originally posted by Ashesfall
sure i was just thinking anyways. i see Bruce back 2 as his "signature" move and it should be used.
like deathfist has a RD
i also see steves sonic fang to be his signature and its also now a RD
now you know why i picked back 2 as a idea.
but df31 as his RD kinda like laws and jacks, why not but it should be not slower than 20frames as his normal version is 26frames and for sure on reaction lowparry able

yes, amazing, he even did Bruce df3+43333 such a Badass Move to pull out
(i just wished it would be better balanced as it is super unsafe = no use as for example bryans df11112 has use, i think)

is this guy Bruce?

*cryingJosie: "I also want Bruce back, its not my fault... "

Josie Collection Card

now we know ... Season 3 lets go

but i am not complaining here, Tekken7 has a lot of fighters i like to play
Still waiting for Bruce to appear in Tekken 7, until then I am gonna play Bruce online in Tekken 6 and have lotsa fun, CD+3 is so satisfying along with b+2.

P.S: Josie is pathetic.

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