THE DEVIL JIN THREAD [wishlist/discussion]

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Originally posted by StudBuddha
Devil Jin seems to retain his sexiness. Shame that WS2 got nerfed and his d/b+2 got nerfed as well. But he's still hella good. HS launching is cheap. I still think he has the best lows in the game. B+4 returning to T6 status is good. Him taking Angel's 2+4 is a nerf imo too. No okizeme after that grab. Overall I still think he's strong. I don't think he's OP, even though everyone is hating on his Hellsweep. But he's close to it lol. And ff+4 got a hitbox buff. That's good too.

Edit: Yay! My 1,000th post!

the angel throw is probably my least favorite change, I'll miss old 2+4

I feel like he'll get nerfed in some areas as time goes by
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Originally posted by Mingriah
the angel throw is probably my least favorite change, I'll miss old 2+4

I feel like he'll get nerfed in some areas as time goes by
I like Angel's 2+4 throw animation but there's no okizeme after it, so it sucks. I would be cool if they changed his throw to something like AO choke hold grab, but DVJ drills his lazor in their skull. But Namco doesn't think of cool stuff like that.

Who know's if he'll get nerfed. Namco seemed to be happy about showing off his returning T5 HS. lol
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Okey so DJ's PC does insane damage
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high level devil jin play start at 2 hour 10 min mark for full hour wavedashing p1 side with sanwa
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Not gunna lie. I like DJ cause he does some really cool stuff in this game and he's definitely a character I love to watch. My only problem is that I saw that recent CG Tekken Movie with that revamp of DJ and DK. That shit had me on tilt.

Frankly, the only way I'll pick this guy is if they give him that costume from the movie as a his second costume. That's not likely so I'd like to see something else in that case.

If they can't just give DJ (and DK) the costume option I'd like to see a new character.

Maybe call them True Devil Jin and True Devil Kazuya.

How I see the character playing out is one of two ways.

1. In neutrall he'll be one of those floating characters. Kinda like Algol, so you can still hit him with lows in neutral but it's made to appear that he's floating.

Mishima staple moves should still find a way into his style. Floating ewhf, floating hell sweeps maybe or just single sweep kinda like Jin but more aggressive.

Come to think of it now, he'd kinda resemble Jinpachi.


2. He could be somewhat of a stance character. He could be able to transition between his beast form and True form from the movie. His beast form is more stationary but stronger overall. Where he'll excel is wall pressure and damage without a lot of moves and mix ups.

Of course this is just ideas but in the scheme of things I just want that damn costume.
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I played the game for the 1st time with Dvj the other day and there are there is one thing that i can think of that i dont like about him other then him getting angels shitty throw. Tbh i think it has to do more with the game mechanics and lack of experience with the game then Dvj.

what i dont like is how far the other character goes after a screw attack is landed. So you have to dash up to finish your combo. Most of the time i would get a Wr3 or a ff attack. i think i only completed one combo with dvj when i used him.

other then that i really like the b4 buff. it knocks down on hit and always hits grounded so it makes uf4 more useful.Now that Kaz has B4 it made him A LOT stronger. I'm gonna say that Kaz is the best mishima now do to having a pretty good streak with him without really trying that hard with him.

Also one more small thing with dvj is that it took me a game to get used to not doing ff3,1 ff. I kinda wish they would have made his screw attack ff3,1,1 so its not completely the same as ff,3,1, ff,2

I think this version is his 2nd best with DR being the 1st
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I wish DVJ could get this move, It is feasible because developers used DVJ's critical edge from Soul Caliber 5 as a rage art in T7.0
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