How to block King's df3+4 spam?

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4th Dan
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It is a noob question and I don't know if it belongs here, but It seems impossible to block it. Every King player I have found does it all the time x5 and in that stun just hopkicks (hopknee?) me. I have tried everything and the stun is just too hard...

(It is the low kicks, not the somersault grab, btw)

Any help?
Mills McDougle
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Press Z or R twice.
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I think this question should be in the King section on Characters and Strategy and I would not be surprised if that has been asked so many times before in there, but I'm no mod + I forget whats what xD

Anyway, as for help. This low is like one of the worst lows in the game, Its seeable as hell and pretty much gives you the advantage in every situation, but it can be annoying to get used to at first, you just got to learn to react to it.

If King does 1-3 lows into his punch, These lows can all be parried as long as you block the one before hand, you can even just downright hopkick through him after a blocked one, and after the punch, you can just get free jabs at least (not sure on frames, I think its more unsafe than just jabs, someone please correct if not)

If he does the additional from CH 4-5 lows, and you blocked the 3rd hit, (aswell as the next 2) launch him, if he hits you on the third, then you'll just have to eat his damage/combo.

Keep in mind, all of the lows can be spotted and low parried, which might be more advisable if your unsure on trying the terrible mixups King has that leave him unsafe anyway, If he hits you with any, you cannot hopkick his next one, so you must block it/low parry. general rule is to make sure he doesnt hit you with the low more than twice (at least thats the rule to me) because then it opens you up for more damage.

While you learn to get better reactions to prevent this move. I would say only risk being hit by the punch, since it knocks you back to a relative safe distance allowing you to escape from followup damage (unless its a good King player, then I dont know) the true damage to you and to himself is in his lows.

Lastly, take also this info (If its correct and not some noob rubbish that ive just ranted about thinking its right, I'm fairly sure though), Go into practice mode, and learn to spot it, read it and punish. its considerably easy to see compared to some other moves. you'll have down in no time if you just practice, make sure to make the AI to mix it up and use other moves to simulate an actual fight.
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Mr Adam0
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Topic moved from OBA to king forums.
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the low kicks and the follow up punch are at least -15 or worse on block I can hopkick them with jaycee.
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Yes, all are launch punishable. The first and second hit's like -16 on hit too.
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That's not true according to inatekken, in fact they say all ali kicks are pretty much safe on hit (unlike previous Tekkens)

Nonetheless ali kick remains a bad move for the most part, only CH d+3+4,2 was ever a true combo... with enough practice I believe you can block the mid punch on reaction (if King tried to use d+3+4,4,4 and d+3+4,[4,]2 as mixup).... I frankly dunno what's with noobs not punishing these moves appropriately

oh yeah, if you do eat the third kick, King gets free WS+4 I think, and if you eat the fifth kick (because the first was a CH), King gets free uf+4 or FC,df+2 combo... then again, it's what you deserve for eating the whole 3-5 kicks again...

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This will be merged with the QnA thread soon...

and yeah, just like the others said, just block low then punish... If you get hit by the first ali kick, you can still block the rest...
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Block low, then keep blocking low and watch his shoulders when you see start rise and spin. Block mid/high. Launch him with most characters.
4th Dan
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Originally posted by gettingfood
Block low, then keep blocking low and watch his shoulders when you see start rise and spin. Block mid/high. Launch him with most characters.

Who the hell can't launch punish his ali kicks/ that gay KD punch??

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