Has Law become too predictable?

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I have been noticing that everyone on the internet can block Law's moves like they were anticipating it from a mile away.

Is this character that weak, and is only good to play against beginners? All of this power crushes can be stopped not only low pokes, but also by mid pokes. All of his fast pokes are high, and all of the low pokes has no range. Everything about can be dodged is the challenger is one of those twitchy backward moving player.

Is Law really low tier? I have yet to see anyone reach top 4 of any Tekken competition with Law. So what's so great about Law in Tekken 7?
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He's been predictable for awhile.

I act like he knows Wing Chun and skew his moves accordingly; Martial arts jabs and mixing it up.

That's the ONLY way I can play with Law w/o being super predictable.
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He's only gotten like a few new moves. After his overhaul from T6 that is.
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I'm new to the game but i find that the best way to win is to use f+3 then keep on using 3+4, f+1+2 until there dead.

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