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2nd Dan
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I could respect a good law player like Rip, but I can't stand law players who always do braindead moves with insane damage and crushing properties and get away with it on 3 bar connections. Sorry to burst the bubble but law is the easiest character and one of the most powerful. It doesn't require thinking to cheese to vindicator with him and I play him myself because I play with everyone and he is way easier to get countless wins with than a character who needs time and thought like mishimas, Asuka, lee, nina etc. Law isn't the only one either so I can't just point the finger at him. I just get really pissed when all you have to do is db+4,ff+3,d+2,3, db+3, just to trash the weaker characters. Story-wise, law is an amazing character, but in gameplay, is a nightmare

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