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(No specific order)

1) d+2 (Low)(High crush)(on CH free d+3+4)
2) d/b+1, B (Mid)(Safe)(Track left)(High crush)

3.1) qcf,WS+1 (Long ranged mid)(Safe)(Track left)
3.2) qcf+1+2 (Mid)(on CH free d+3+4)(+ on block)
3.3) qcf+1 (Low)(High crush)(CH launcher)(Track left)

4) d/b+3 (Fast low)(High crush)(Track both)
5) Magic 4 (CH launcher now)
6) df+3+4 (Long ranged mid)(Safe)(Track Both)(free 4~3 on hit)
7) f+4,B (Safe long ranged launcher)
8) df+3 (Safe launcher)(Mid)(Best use after SS)
9) b+4 (Fast mid)(Track both)(Safe)
10) uf+2 or df+1 or ff+2 (I don't decide yet) ...
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Feng's Magic 4 isn't a true Magic 4 anymore since it doesn't launch. Anyway, here's my top 10 in no order:

1. d/b+3
─ really good speed, range and tracking, +4 on hit and forces crouch

2. u/f+2
─ evasive, good counter for pressure, -10 but unpunishable due to pushback

3. WS+1 done out of crouch dash
─ good range, tracks well, only -1 on block so you can continue offense

4. b+1
─ i10 counter poke, guaranteed b+1+2 on CH, extremely hard to punish (and only -10)

5. d/f+1
─ 0 on block (the last remaining d/f+1 of that sort, iirc), flop stun on CH

6. f+3,4
─ Feng's highest damaging launcher, great whiff punisher

7. d/f+3
─ safe launcher, good to mix-up with SS+4 if preceded by a sidestep

─ really evasive, KND on normal hit, guarantees f,f+3 into stomp on CH, full launcher over breakable floor

9. qcf+1+2
─ at least +5 on block now, +9 on hit, forces crouch both on block and hit

10. SS+4
─ one of Feng's better damaging launchers, good to mix-up with SS d/f+3

I'm still debating whether f+1+2 should be on this list. Also, I didn't include b+4 because it seems rather easily steppable now and if there was one strength to that move, it was its tracking.
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
in no particular order

ss2- -1 on block +9 on hit tracking i15 great for setting up BT great for baiting

b4- yall already know

db3- risky at -15 on block but worth it for the plus frames high crush, unseeable

uf2- evasive as fuck great panic move

ws1- excellent mid poke can be done out of qcf to extend range/improve tracking

df3+4- tracking long range knock down mid keeps people honest/ is his only long range mid that can be done from standing

BT1+2- fast, safe mid knockdown if my opponent knows even a little bit about feng, they always duck when you go BT.

qcf1+2- decent range +5 on block mid. good for wakeup and pressure but very steppable and has a lot of pushback meaning most of fengs mids will whiff if opponent backdashes. be careful with this move.

qcf1- good long range low +2 on hit. very slow but its evasive and is a CH launcher. much better in 7

1+2- if the punch parry is successful, its a full juggle. great for strings and good setup off of -9 moves like b4, df3, df22

honorable mentions: shoulder risky as shit but good whiff punish,
b1-ch knockdown with shoulder follow up. i forget this move alot. pretty risky against opponents that like to duck and step(everyone). would much rather have magic 4 . -10 on block, good players will punish this move.
b3+4.- evasive good for baiting.
f4b- good for baits NH launcher i18 safe, its solid but it doesnt have great range and is a high

sidenote db1,4 will probably make this list when 7 drops, that move looks godlike.
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by WangIsKhan

1+2- if the punch parry is successful, its a full juggle. great for strings and good setup off of -9 moves like b4, df3, df22

sidenote db1,4 will probably make this list when 7 drops, that move looks godlike.

Yeah, I noticed that d/b+1,4 alone is an awesome long range poke, with the 4 being -2 on block, and if your opponent want to duck then you can switch it up to d/b+1,2

Btw, what I the parry frame window for 1+2?
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